Saturday, November 1, 2008

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

At a recent author event, I was asked about one of the acknowledgements in Forgotten, "Special love to Whiskas whose furry warmth has always kept my feet warm while I type."

Late last spring our beautiful and rather large cat Whiskas was diagnosed with Lymphomic Sarcoma (Cancer); he passed away rather quickly. Whiskas was only 14-years old and never really understood that he was a cat. He weighed in in his heyday at 23-pounds and most of that was muscle, not fat. Whiskas often would sit curled at my feet under my desk while I typed - that was very welcomed on a cold night.

We have three new feline occupants in our home since Whiskas left us to join previous cats that had consented to live with us.

Since November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to once again remember Whiskas and explain the acknowledgement.

If you have ever loved a pet, then please google the internet and speak to your vet about Pet Cancer Research and precautions. Here is one informative page (no endorsements intended)
Hug a pussycat today.

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Namid said...

As a licensed vet tech for almost a decade, I have seen so much growth and improvement in the knowledge and treatment of cancer.

Chemo therapy is now available for MANY different forms of cancer. Some cancers can be surgically removed! There is so much available to pet owners to help care for their beloved furry family members.

Please do not be embarrassed to ask your vet questions. Find out what all your options are. Knowledge and understanding of the disease is vital!