Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Introducing Annie's Karma by Chelle Cordero

After Karma Visited...

Annie's Karma by Chelle Cordero

Annie's Karma is the sequel to Karma Visited

Do You Believe in Karma?
Annie Furman has a gift that allows her, while she sleeps, to visit people in their time of need - but who will be there for her when she needs help?
Undersheriff Dave Turner is investigating a series of home invasions and homicides. He has no idea that solving this case will lead him to the woman of his dreams.

Excerpt from Annie's Karma:

We just got into town. I haven’t had a chance to make any connections yet. I’m trying to get a job and I have to open a bank account. I just enrolled my son in the school.” Donna took the handwritten receipt from Annie’s hand. “Thank you. This apartment will be perfect. I’m grateful that you’re renting it to us.”
Donna explained to Annie that she and her four-year-old son were slowly meandering their way across the country, but she realized that the child needed a stable place to live instead of being on the move constantly. She was driving through and liked the small town atmosphere she noticed in Catawai. Donna told Annie that she was a recent widow and that her husband died of cancer, it was already very advanced when they discovered it. Neither she nor her late husband had any family. She wanted to move away and get a fresh start where there weren’t so many memories. She wanted someplace where her little boy could grow up without the constant reminders of a dad who was no longer there for him.
There wasn’t much that Gene left us, but he had taken a small term life insurance policy, so at least I have cash in my pocket to pay our way for a bit without worrying too much.” Donna shrugged. “Hopefully I’ll get that job I interviewed for…”
Annie listened sympathetically and tried not to ask too many questions, but she noticed a look in Donna’s eyes that she thought she could understand even without knowing why. She couldn’t say for sure, but she knew that Donna wasn’t being entirely truthful. Annie suddenly realized why she felt connected with the woman. She wondered if she had ever had that same look during the years she needed to escape from Scott. Annie decided not to question Donna’s story, at least not for the time being. Maybe she could even find some way to help the other woman.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

When Life Throws You Curves ~ #MondayBlogs

One day I will write my autobiography and the title will be “I Made Plans, God Laughed”.
Everyone experiences unexpected events, some frightening and some surprising. In the past few weeks my family has been dealing with a frightening health emergency, we’ve pulled together in love and support. I find myself pleasantly surprised at the strength and resourcefulness of each member of the immediate family. Extended family and close friends have also surrounded us with positive energy which has encouraged and bolstered our hearts.
During the first nights we were enveloped in fear, the fear that comes from not knowing what comes next. As the days went on, with the help of prayer and the knowledge of medical professionals, we were able to regroup and make plans. We found a place for our loved one to recuperate, rehabilitate and, God willing, eventually return home.
It’s a wonderful thing to be surrounded by family and loving friends when your need is great and you feel lost. I truly believe in the power of positivity — positive thinking and positive actions lead to better outcomes. We truly appreciate all the good wishes, concern and prayers sent in our direction.
We know that there is a long road ahead and we are hoping for a full recovery. This unexpected emergency will forever change all of our lives making us more appreciative of loved ones and good friends, and of course more aware of the need to take better care of ourselves.
Never miss a moment to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, life changes quickly. I consider myself very lucky to still be able to say how much I care. I will be selfish enough to ask for the comfort of your continued prayers and good wishes.
May the rest of 2017 find you all, and your loved ones, in good health, surrounded by the warmth of love and friendship.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Annie’s Karma by Chelle Cordero Now Available in Print and All E-book Editions

The story continues...
Annie's Karma,
the sequel to Karma Visited,
is available!

Simultaneous Release!
Print and All E-book Editions


Annie’s Karma by Chelle Cordero

Annie Furman moves on from her past and into her future with Undersheriff Dave Turner. Her gifts – or are they her curse? – grow stronger, and she finds out that she is not alone in the realm of astral travel. Dave saved her life, now she has to fight another ‘traveler’ to save Dave… if she survives.


Annie’s Karma Sneak Peek Videohttps://youtu.be/Ab611TLSxEI



 Annie’s Karma is a super followup novel to Karma VisitedI was intrigued by many things that evolved and expanded throughout the book, not the least of which is the incredibly detailed (although fictional, I must guess) accounts of astral travel, alongside the thriller aspects of the story.
~ Karen Mayes, Beta Reader

Annie’s Karma

 by Chelle Cordero

 Grab your copy today!










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Monday, December 26, 2016

Writing a Sequel ~ #MondayBlogs

As writer’s we often create characters and mold them according to the convenience of the story plot — it’s an exciting, godlike and powerful feeling to produce “someone” who comes to life through words and who the readers (ideally) care about. By the time we write The End our task is complete. We send our characters out into the world to live on their own, to inspire peoples’ imaginations, and to remain who they are throughout perpetuity.

Unless we decide to revive those characters in another book.

Why, why, why would we do that? They’ve done their time, did their job and now they deserve to rest. …but maybe not. Sometimes our characters stay with us just begging to move on.

Maybe we write a spin-off and our once favorite NAGGING characters appear in the storyline again. When I wrote His Lucky Charm I literally fell in love with a secondary character. Tom Hughes suffered tragic heartbreak in his past and he was just the kind of man to council his cousin and her heartthrob about the need to grab onto each other while you can, and his cousin and her heartthrob did get married. I wanted Tom to have his own HEA (Happy Ever After) ending and I wrote Within the Law. This was pretty easy. While I did create Tom’s character and an important chunk of his history, it wasn’t until I wrote Within the Law that I really concentrated on developing him fully. And while the lovers of His lucky Charm did make appearances all I had to do was put a bit of time into their storyline. Easy peasy.

Another spin-off I wrote stemmed from Final Sin where I created Jake and Julie, and Julie’s sidekick Matt. In the spin off book, Hyphema, I was able to really develop Matt’s character and introduce his wife who had only been mentioned in Final Sin. The focus was entirely on Matt and Sudah in the spin-off book.

Then I wrote Karma Visited about Annie who is able to astral travel in her sleep to people in need and when she needs help who will be there for her? She meets Dave and it’s a tense story. As an author I liked it and readers have told me that they liked it as well. I wanted more of Annie and Dave’s story so I wrote a sequel. A sequel is literally a continuation of a story line and often including the same main characters. A sequel is also in the future in respect to the first book so your characters have to show growth and still remain the same people we fell in love with. If they had an HEA in the first book though we also need to introduce new conflicts or the sequel will effectively be just one long epilogue. I admit it was very difficult, I kept starting and then scrapping everything I had written. It was frustrating.

I believed I had a terrific story in my head, one that presented some major conflicts and great action, but how was I going to tell it? Finally I decided to interview each of my characters, separately, and I asked some pointed questions. What had transpired since Karma Visited? Where had they hoped to be by this point in their lives? What were their biggest fears? And there were many more questions, some much too personal to tell everyone else. I got a clear picture of who Annie and Dave were in the year after Karma Visited ended. The sequel did get written and I am pleased to announce that Annie’s Karma will be available later this month.

Writers have a responsibility to create real people (aka characters) who have had lives before the first pages of our books and will live long after the words The End are typed.

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Matter of Privacy ~ #MondayBlogs

On one side of my family all of the older female relatives literally celebrated, via phone calls, every related teen-girl’s first menses (kind of ala The Red Tent). The other side of my family keeps things so private that even emergency hospitalizations aren’t shared outside of the immediate household until there’s a casual conversation after the release of the patient.

There has GOT to be some middle ground.

I truly believe that families have the right to know about serious health issues and semi-major family crises. You certainly don’t need to share bedroom “stuff”, salaries, spats between household members or things that are told to you in confidence by another family member (unless of course someone’s safety is involved). And when things go awry in life it definitely helps to talk out your angst with someone you can trust.

It was even suggested that if you really need to talk about something that is making you lose sleep, pay a therapist to listen instead of calling your sibling or a close cousin! While there is a time and place for therapy, most worries just need to be aired, a chance to vent, a chance to be coddled for a few minutes. I am not talking about calling a relative to overrule something the spouse wants to do, getting permission or plotting — I’m talking about keeping yourself from being tied up in knots with worry and upset.

I know of couples who won’t allow their spouse to even go to the doctor’s waiting room with them for an appointment, and I also know of couples who will only make appointments when their spouse is available to go with them to talk to the doctor together. Sadly I also know couples who won’ even share the results of crucial medical tests with each other. I used to ride an ambulance as an EMT and a few times I responded to a call where the other household members had no idea what medical conditions the patient had or why they were taking medications… undeniably sad and even a bit scary.

How much sharing is comfortable for you? How much privacy do you need?

I’ve often wondered how many of the “emergency contacts” on forms and in our phones actually have information about the person they are supposedly able to answer for. And why for gosh sakes would someone’s offspring think that mom and dad no longer worry about them even when they live out of the house?

Yes, I do agree that there are things that needn’t be discussed, but there is so much more that should be. Families especially need to be able to rely on one another even if they are under separate roofs. Even unrelated roommates need to know somethings about each other such as where they work and if (and where) they are headed off for a weekend of fun so that is SOMETHING, ANYTHNG unexpected happens, at least the police can get in touch when they need to!

To quote John Donne, “No Man Is an Island” and we cannot create walls as complete insulation between us. We each live, work and play with other human beings and there needs to be just a bit where the lines we draw around ourselves actually overlap and mingle. Honestly you shouldn’t surround yourself with folks that you can’t even trust enough to share who you are with.

I’d love to hear your opinions about privacy…


Monday, November 28, 2016

Legacy ~ #MondayBlogs

Whenever we have a spate of celebrity deaths or are personally touched by loss we frequently begin to think of our own mortality. Death is inevitable for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, nice or mean, or man or woman… nobody gets out alive. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind you when the time comes in the hopefully distant future? What do you want to be remembered for?

In Judaism it is believed that there are ways to avoid a “second death” by remembering someone, doing good deeds in that person’s name, and always being inspired by the deceased to make us want to live better and more thoughtful lives. How do we assure that we will be remembered? How can we be the kind of person who could inspire goodness in others?

Think of the things you would WANT to be remembered for; think of the things you believe you WOULD be remembered for. Compare those two lists — which do you want more? Do you think you would be remembered for the hours you spent away from your family making more money than you truly needed? Would you be remembered for the fancy car you drove? Or would you be remembered for your generosity and compassion for those around you?

When I am no longer physically on this earth I hope that people would remember that they felt comfortable talking to me because they could trust me; I would want to be remembered for the time I gave to family and friends; I want folks to remember that I was passionate about living beings and their welfare; and I would want to be remembered for my laughter and my tears when others needed it most. I want my friends and family to know that I accepted that I was a mere human trying my best to be decent and thoughtful. When I die I would hope that people would celebrate the life I lived and would remember at least some happiness they had for knowing me.

Live your life well, make the “dash” between the dates on your headstone mean something. Enjoy the hugs you share with loved ones, the laughter you hear from children playing, the sounds and smells of nature all around you, and the joy you feel when you’ve made someone smile. Be the kind of person you would admire and know the difference between false vanity and the true “success” of respect. Do your job well, not just for the reward of money, but because the way you do your job makes this a better world for someone. Hold your lover’s hand, not because you expect something in return, but because you just want to be there with him/her.

Live a wonderful life full of joy and happiness.


Sunday, November 27, 2016

An apology ~ SNIPPET SUNDAY, Nov. 26-27, 2016

Hi! Welcome to another Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday round. Every week writers post 8-to-10 sentences on their blogs from a published or unpublished book. Then we "hop" around and leave comments on each other's snippets. Whether our work is already published or in progress, the helpful comments help us become stronger writers on our next WIP. We welcome EVERYONE's comments.

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I'm sharing snippets from HYPHEMA, my second EMS novel. The hero in HYPHEMA was first introduced in Final Sin as the heroine's ambulance partner and best friend.

Matt Garratti, a paramedic from New York, moves his wife and son to North Carolina to work at his dream job as a flight medic. Pakistani born Sudah, his wife, receives frosty stares and insensitive comments from their new neighbors… Matt wonders if he is pursuing his dream or bringing his family into a nightmare from which they may never wake.

In the last excerpt I posted from Hyphema one of the wives (Donna) verbally attacked Sudah for her Muslim/Pakistani heritage. The other wives were supportive of Sudah. In this excerpt Donna's husband, Frankie, approaches Matt at work and apologizes for his wife's comments. Matt is surprised since Sudah never said anything.

Creative editing (a.k.a. condensed to fit) alert!    

“I heard that Donna gave your wife a hard time about her being a Muslim and all, I wanted to apologize. Laurie told Tony that Sudah handled it real well, I just want you to know I don’t have any problems with your wife.”
Matt could see the sincerity in his eyes, “good to know.”
“So how did you wind up with a girl from over there anyway?”
Matt let Frankie follow him into the crew room before he answered, “Sudah enrolled in a college program in New York, I sometimes helped out with the paramedic program there, we met one day in the hallway and I knew that I loved her right away.”
“So she’s not a citizen, right?”
“Not yet,” Frankie handed Matt a cup of coffee and they sat at the table, “she’s working on it but it takes several years.”
Frankie took a long swallow from his coffee, “it’s just that it’s odd to see foreigners around here…”
“You know we all started out as foreigners somewhere in our families,” Matt bristled a bit.
“Hey, no offense. I just didn’t know if you guys are prepared for some of the shit that can go on down here.”

 5 stars Nobody Writes It Better by Charmaine Gordon


Just got good news from my publisher, she said OKAY to a manuscript I just submitted, it's a sequel to my book Karma Visited and I am soooo excited.  

I believe the sequel, tentatively titled Annie's Karma will be available
mid to late January 2017 ~ I'll keep y'all posted!

In the meanwhile, a bunch of Vanilla Heart Publishing authors got together to create a collection of holiday oriented stories and it is FREE to download from
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’Tis the Season for Cocoa and Reading: Holiday Stories and More is a collection of short stories by Vanilla Heart Publishing Authors Tamara Philip, Chelle Cordero, Malcolm R. Campbell, Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard, Neva Squires-Rodriguez, Charmaine Gordon, and Lauren Shiro.
That Christmas Feeling - Tamara Philip
A Date With Mistletoe - Chelle Cordero
Jock Stewart’s Holiday Hilarity - Malcolm R. Campbell
Dead for a Night - Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Esperanza-The Holiday that Wasn’t - Neva Squires-Rodriguez
Surprise in August - Charmaine Gordon

The Gift - Lauren Shiro
Happy Holidays!