Monday, June 19, 2017

#DailyPrompt ~ RELIEVED ~ #MondayBlogs

I found a terrific writing site (thanks to my friend Sugana) — The Daily Post: Daily Prompts provides a NEW daily prompt every day to give every writer a way to put a spark in her/his creativity. I decided to join this group every so often...

Today's Prompt is RELIEVED

 The definition of RELIEVED: [adjective] no longer feeling distressed or anxious; reassured.

As we get to that “certain age” and the doctor writes out a bunch of scrips for scans, lab tests, diagnostics, and more, we just can’t seem to avoid a growing dread in the pit of our stomachs. Absolutely NOTHING was wrong before! Why am I being subjected to all of this poking and prodding? And what about my dignity when each part of my body is being examined by a different group of people… okay, okay, I know they are professionals, and my common sense does tell me that playing it safe is a heck of a lot better than dealing with some catastrophic illness. But still —

So we act rationally and make our appointments and scheduling isn’t always the easiest, after shifting schedules and arranging for someone to pick us up afterwards (when required) and throwing someone else’s day into disarray we bravely march right up to the reception desk and fill out a myriad of forms with the most minute details… details that would normally fall into the category of TMI. Then you are given a gown that is guaranteed to let in too much of a breeze “somewhere”.

Finally we are in the exam room, hooked up to all kinds of monitors and feeling a bit like a character in some futuristic sci-fi show. The doctor, technician or PA does what they have to do and you are done. Get dressed again and go wait in the next room for someone to come in and discuss preliminary findings, if you are lucky; with some test you’ll have to wait three, ten or fourteen days until you get a phone call from a nurse reading the results to you and telling you the doctor’s next recommendation.

Whew! You get a clean bill of health and this tremendous feeling of relief settles over you. You’re told what they’ll send you a reminder when you have to do it all over again. Until then though, you are celebrating. I’m fine, I’m alive, and things are good. As you wipe your brow feeling so relieved you know that this was the smart thing to do for YOU and for the folks who love and depend on you. And IF, G-d forbid, your results aren’t the most pristine, you’ve probably found out while there is still time to make adjustments. Yeah, definitely smart.

My wish for all of you is Always Great Results and lots of reasons to feel relieved.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What a Sad, Sad World…

 Flag Day June 14, 2017

When I walked into the living room today my husband was watching the news on TV and told me that there had been a shooting in the Capitol,

Me: Oh God, anyone hurt
Him: Yeah, a few, there’s a congressman and a couple of cops
Me: I just hope they will be okay
Him: Yeah

As the time passed there was more and more information about the incident, the victims’ names and eventually the name of the shooter — a short time later there was an announcement that the shooter had died from his injuries.

Today is Flag Day. On June 14, 1777 there was a congressional resolution calling for an OFFICIAL American flag with stars and stripes representing the colonies. In 1916 President Woodrow Wilson suggested that June 14 be observed as Flag Day and celebrated with Patriotism. In 1949 President Harry Truman signed that proclamation into law. The American Flag stands today with 50 stars and 13 stripes as a symbol of freedom, liberty and human rights.

“…One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

I typed the deceased shooter’s name into Google and came up with his Facebook page. Curious about what would make a man fire upon others in such an apparent random act of senseless violence I did click on his page to see if he had posted any prior notice. The man was politically charged and not a fan of the current administration and extremely verbal about his feelings. In this country we do have the right of free speech and he did exercise it — but from what I could read he didn’t advocate violence or killing. Whatever reason this man may have justified his deed by, whether mental illness or some “plot”, I cannot condone his actions.

However what did strike me, frighteningly so, were the multitudes of comments filled with vitriol; I wasn’t the only one to have referenced his page. And this was what I find even more abhorrent, the commentary on his page was, almost without exception, celebrating his death as a “lesson” to any others who disagreed with the current administration. The hate didn’t stop there, regardless of the insulting and vile names that many of these people used to label non-Trump supporters, there were actually jokes and comparisons to the ovens of Nazi Germany and the fate of the residents of Hiroshima… these are events that (should) have NO relevance to today’s incident.

The hatred that was spewed on his page included threats, physical threats, to his family and friends. There were also several postings insulting and threatening anyone who had “friended” the man on Facebook. Allegedly several screenshots were made of the friends list and sent to the FBI and other “interested groups”. A plea that had been posted on this man’s page to allow his “shocked family” to mourn was answered with more hate, name-calling, and threats.

Is this what our country has become? I am heartbroken. It doesn’t matter what our political persuasions are, WE ARE AMERICANS. This hatred and divisiveness is not what our country should stand for. We should all be celebrating the principles which our country was founded upon and living up to the ideals that the many who have come before us tried to instill:
Individual Liberty: The principle that each person is born with freedom from arbitrary or unjustified restraint.
Federalism: A system of dual sovereignty. ...
Limited Government: ...
Representative Government: ...
Private Property: ...
“All Men Are Created Equal”: ...
Separation of Powers/Checks and Balances:

Monday, June 12, 2017

Daily Prompt ~ Triumph ~ #MondayBlogs

I found a terrific writing site (thanks to my friend Sugana) — The Daily Post: Daily Prompts provides a NEW daily prompt every day to give every writer a way to put a spark in her/his creativity. I decided to join this group every so often...

Today's Prompt is TRIUMPH

The definition of Triumph: [noun] a great victory or achievement; [verb] achieve a victory; be successful

It’s a hard thing for many of us to acknowledge our successes, our triumphs. So many of us lack the ability to see ourselves as successful and worthy. One of the professions that is often known for wearing our self-doubts is that of a writer. …yours truly is a writer, a novelist and journalist.

When I find myself in a funk and I need encouragement I can nudge people close to me and wrangle compliments from their lips to feed my fragile ego, but then I feel bad that I’ve gone “fishing”. Something else I do, especially late at night when it just wouldn’t be right to telephone someone just for a little ego soothing, is make a list of any and all things I’ve done that I am proud about. Maybe I am just being kind to myself but I often come up with a lengthy list (and no I am not posting it, bragging is not something I am comfortable with).

Now I don’t know if others would agree with the things I feel some success about — I know for a fact that not everyone holds the same values that I do. Surely I would fall flat if someone only looks at a stunning figure or the grand dame of the manor; I really don’t care though because those values don’t impress me. I guess there is a bit of conceit in that I do not do the things I do to impress others, I do something because I feel it is the right thing to do and hopefully benefits those around me.

I see value in family relationships and the respect that a parent gets from his/her children. I see value in a long term marriage. I see value when someone gets up and keeps on going even after being struck down by some misfortune. And most of all I see value when someone has touched other lives to make them, even a little bit, better.

On my list I do have references to my marriage, my children and my writing. While I rarely get satisfaction from extolling my own virtues, I do very much enjoy a bit of bragging about my husband and my children, people that I truly admire and respect. 

My husband has always been determined, never takes the easy way if it isn’t the right way, he has always worked hard whether it’s a job or a personal quest, and he has always put his family first. My offspring have grown into remarkable human beings, both give of themselves to others, they are intelligent and capable.

Collectively as first responders and educators my husband and children have saved lives, comforted those in need, put out fires, and given others the means to do the same. And it always seems whatever these people decide to tackle, they have a can do attitude that always comes through. More than anything each one of them CARES. I can only hope that they take at least a little pride in me, it would truly be only a portion of what I feel for them.

Not every accomplishment is earth shattering, few will be considered newsworthy. But each accomplishment is our own whether we wish to brag or stay quiet

What are you proud of today?


Monday, June 5, 2017

Daily Prompt ~ Distance ~ #MondayBlogs

I found a terrific writing site (thanks to my friend Sugana) — The Daily Post: Daily Prompts provides a NEW daily prompt every day to give every writer a way to put a spark in her/his creativity. I decided to join this group every so often...

Today's Prompt is DISTANT

Definition of Distant: [adjective] far away in space or time, "distant parts of the world". synonyms: faraway, far off, far, far-flung, remote, out of the way, outlying, extrasolar, "distant parts of the world"; long ago, bygone, olden; ancient, prehistoric; literary of yore, olden, "the distant past"; away, off, apart, "half a mile distant".

What does the word DISTANT make me think of? Distant memories come to mind.

There’s the distant memory of a mother’s comforting kisses whenever a boo-boo made my child-self cry, or her comforting embrace when teenage angst seemed like the most tragic thing in the world. There’s also the distant memory of my father being able to fix anything in the world no matter how shattered the toy might be. As I reached my teenage years and entered adulthood my dad always managed to say exactly the things I needed to hear. I was just a newlywed when my parents passed away and I do miss those memories.

Now as an adult reaching my golden years with my own grown offspring I think back to every time I tried to sooth their aches, whether physical or in the heart, and wondered if my hugs and kisses were as magical as my parents’ were. And though they are now adults and more-or-less have no need of mom and dad to fix their problems, they are still my kids and always will be. Every time they make a turn that I want to give some advice about I go back to those distant memories and wonder what my dad would have said. Luckily most times I think at least twice and try to keep my mouth shut. I wonder if my children will one day have distant memories of those times that I didn’t meddle?

Life is made up of distant memories that influence all of our actions today and tomorrow. Distant memories can seem so sweet, some tug at the heart, and others that once felt so monumental now seem so insignificant. Our memories can sustain us and guide us and maybe sometimes embarrass us… but I wouldn’t trade those distant memories, those are my keepsakes forever.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Daily Prompt ~ Radiate ~ #MondayBlogs

I found a terrific writing site (thanks to my friend Sugana) — The Daily Post: Daily Prompts provides a NEW daily prompt every day to give every writer a way to put a spark in her/his creativity. I decided to join this group every so often...

Today's Prompt is RADIATE

Definition of RADIATE: emit (energy, especially light or heat) in the form of rays or waves.  "the hot stars radiate energy"  synonyms:   emit, give off, give out, discharge, diffuse.

My husband has taken to watching a show about superheroes lately (based on comic book characters from his childhood) and I’ve gotten drawn into the plot. I don’t think anyone can help but fantasize about how we would use these extraordinary superpowers if we had the chance.

Where would I direct my rays? Who would be served if I could channel waves of energy?

As a wife and mom I would have to say I would certainly radiate everything good I could muster towards my husband and children. Perhaps I could take a superhero name like “The Good Vibes Gal” and cloak my loved ones in layers of protection, happiness and of course my love. There would never be illness, danger, negative attitudes, or heartbreak.

I realize though that I already belong to a family of superheroes with years of volunteer and paid first response, educators in life saving skills, selfless attention towards helping those in need, and spreading caring to all they come in contact with.

My husband, among his many skills, has been a CPR Instructor for years. He once said to me that with every student he teaches his “fingers reach out”; indeed there was an ambulance call shortly after one of his classes where I encountered a recent student (I volunteered with my local ambulance as an EMT) — this student had just successfully revived a young patient whose heart had stopped, she admitted to me how she had “heard” my husband’s voice coaching her as she administered CPR. He definitely radiated his talents!

My husband and our offspring (separately) instructed other health providers and first responders and each student they trained and put out on the street saved many lives radiating each of their efforts and knowledge. Our children (from birth and marriage) have saved lives, put out fires (literally), delivered babies, soothed tears, and so much more. They’ve impacted so many other lives in ways that affect whole families and communities. Once again the touch radiates.

Is it any wonder that I feel I live in a family of superheroes? But I still yearn to be able to have my own power specifically to protect these wonderful people I love so much. I want to send out a wave of protective cloaks and hugs. I want this superpower to radiate energy and good vibes.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Daily Prompts ~ ADRIFT ~ #MondayBlogs

I found a terrific writing site (thanks to my friend Sugana) — The Daily Post: Daily Prompts provides a NEW daily prompt every day to give every writer a way to put a spark in her/his creativity. I decided to join this group every so often...

Today's Prompt is ADRIFT

Definition of ADRIFT:  without motive power and without anchor or mooring [Merriam-Webster]

It’s a wonder how some people seem to go through life without any attachments or roots. There is a movement of minimalism where one has fewer material possessions, less things to tie one down. Minimalism allegedly gives one a greater freedom allowing them to do things and go anywhere with complete independence. There are those who mistakenly stretch the idea of minimalism to include relationships, they don’t want to be encumbered by anything or anyONE who can tie them down and restrict their freedom.

There are those who try to go through life adrift without responsibilities and without thought to anyone else’s needs. They scoff at the idea of marriage or any kind of commitments; they certainly have no desire to surround themselves with family, especially children. Many overzealous minimalists will not commit themselves to long term jobs preferring instead to simply work for as much money as they need or want to get to the next big plan. Cars and home ownership are often problems they choose to do without.

The true purpose of minimalism is to rid oneself of all the extraneous baggage that has no real meaning to a chosen lifestyle. There are minimalists who do settle down with homes (and mortgages), loving marriages, multiple children, one or more pets, automobiles, and jobs they go to regularly. The only difference in their lives is that they don’t waste time on anything that doesn’t hold meaning for them. Minimalists don’t spend time hoarding useless possessions for mere appearances, they don’t latch onto relationships that they cannot emotionally commit to, or toil at meaningless jobs they hate.

True minimalists are not adrift, in the waters of life, but they are not anchored by weights. Minimalists make choices, they stay where they want to, not have to; they appreciate what they have and enjoy looking forward to each day.

Minimalists elect to lead purpose-driven lives… to live them fully and happily.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Think Pink

I found a terrific writing site (thanks to my friend Sugana) — The Daily Post: Daily Prompts provides a NEW daily prompt every day to give every writer a way to put a spark in her/his creativity. I decided to join this group every so often...

Today's Prompt is  PINK

Almost 47 years ago (this June) my sister was married to the love of her life and I had the joy of being her Maid of Honor. 

I wore this beautiful PINK gown, I remember it so clearly even so many years later. I remember thinking that it was a "creamy" pink, empire style with a huge pink and shiny bow right across the bosom. The dress and sleeves had a wonderfully intricate lace overlay. I absolutely loved that gown. I was a teenage girl and I swore it was the prettiest dress I ever wore. I felt so pretty and of course since their wedding was so romantic, pink meant love and romance to me.

Being the terrible bordering-on-hoarder that I am, years later when my own teenage daughter was going to a party where the theme was the 80s (yes, I know, I wore the dress in 1970) I offered it to her. She took a look at the dress and said "Omigosh Mom, I can't believe you ever wore that, it is soooo OLD."


LOL. By the way five-and-a-half years later my sister was the Matron of Honor at my wedding and she wore blue.

Oh... also, both couples are still very much in love.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Just saying HI with an update about my latest book

Things have been busy and hectic in real life lately and I realize that I haven't done as much posting as I'd like. I am very excited to have my third series out there, so far it's been very well received. I would be thrilled to hear what you think of it. (While you are at it, could you post a review?)

Have you checked out my latest book, Annie's Karma

Annie's Karma picks up where Karma Visited left off and we have a chance to follow Annie and Dave's relationship. Most importantly, we see that Annie is learning more about her unusual ability, how to control it AND that she is NOT the only one with that ability. It's a thrilling ride as she must defend herself and others against another superior astral traveler.

The Karma Series

If you like reading series books, then you might like reading two more sets I've written.

Final Sin is a tense thriller about a serial murderer. It's also a passionate love story between free spirited Paramedic Julie Jennings and strong willed Deputy Sheriff Commander Jake Carson and the danger they are both placed in finding the murderer. If you like suspense, EMS and crime novels...

Hyphema follows Paramedic Matt Garratti, Julie Jennings former partner, and his wife Sudah, a Pakistani Muslim immigrant, as they move their small family to North Carolina when Matt decides to pursue his dream job as a flight medic. Matt unwittingly crosses paths with a killer who sets his sight on revenge, but the local authorities can't see beyond the prejudice surrounding Sudah's presence. It's another thriller which includes EMS and the current topics of immigration and prejudice.

The EMS Series
One of my earlier books from Vanilla Heart Publishing, His Lucky Charm, told a tale of espionage and danger. Brandon Price tries to win back Caitlyn Smythe, the woman he loves, but his work and a jealous, obsessed co-worker get in the way.

In Within the Law Tom Hughes, Caitlyn's cousin that we met in His Lucky Charm, has his story. After losing the woman he loved to violence he had given up hope of ever feeling that way again — then he meets Alli Davis, the lawyer defending his fiance's murderer.

The Cousins Series

Chelle Cordero's books are available at:

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Coming Soon! Annie’s Karma em breve em Português!!

Cobrir a revelar!

Annie e o Carma

Chelle Cordero

Depois visitou Karma, Annie Furman move-se de seu passado e seu futuro com o sub-xerife Dave Turner. Ela presentes – ou é a maldição dela? – crescer mais forte, e ela descobre que ela não está sozinha no Reino de viagem astral. Dave salvou a vida dela, agora ela tem que lutar contra outro ‘viajante’ para salvar a Dave… se ela sobrevive.

Em breve em Português!

ANNIE’S Karma  Sneak Peek Video (English)


Chelle Cordero

Chelle Cordero writes stories of Passion and Suspense. Vanilla Heart Publishing has published eleven Cordero novels: Bartlett’s Rule; His Lucky Charm; Within the Law; Courage of the Heart; Final Sin; Hostage Heart; A Chaunce of Riches; Common Bond, Tangled Hearts; Hyphema; Karma Visited; and Annie’s Karma. She is currently working on her next novel and promises another action packed adventure and heartwarming love story. Chelle has been writing both fiction and non-fiction for the bulk of her adult life and has been with Vanilla Heart Publishing since early 2008.

Her books have earned many plaudits which includes: Bartlett’s Rule was named one of Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s Top Ten Reads for 2009; Final Sin was an Honorable Mention in the Fiction Category of the 2010 NY Book Festival and a 2009 Pushcart Prize nominee.; Hyphema won the Dec 9, 2011 Friday Book Cover Vote on the Shades of Love website; A Chaunce of Riches was Winner of D. Renee Bagby’s readers’ choice for The Best Overall First Chapter, April 2010; and Hostage Heart, Final Sin and A Chaunce of Riches had top ten finishes in the 2009 Preditors’ and Readers’ poll. Chelle was also featured in “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” published by The Author’s Show in 2010.

Chelle Cordero maintains an author’s blog at, and a promotional blog at Her website offers information on all of her books and her appearances. Bloggers and the media are welcome to visit Chelle’s media room at with downloadable photos and other information.

Be sure to LIKE Chelle’s FaceBook page at and follow her on Twitter at You can email Chelle at ChelleCordero(at)

Translator for the Portugese Editions

Selma R. Silva

Selma R. Silva has been a translator and interpreter since graduation in 1984, She was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and had the chance to study languages since her early teen years. Years of hard work, travel and research have led to the perfect time and place to delve into the rewarding experience of literary translation.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How A Haunting Murder Led to a Romantic Suspense

It was 1985 and the little town I lived in was horrified at the murder that captured newspaper headlines. The site of the murder was just a few minutes from my home.
Using my EMT skills, I used to work in the infirmary of a local summer day camp in those years. Every day, as I drove to work, I went past the driveway leading to the smokehouse where the victim’s body had been burned beyond recognition. The police caught the murderer and the trial replaced the actual murder headlines.
But each time I passed the mailbox at the end of the crime scene driveway I was filled with an unease, there were nights when the horror at what had occurred there just wouldn’t leave my mind and I would lay awake staring at the ceiling.
When I wrote Final Sin I used a mental image of the crime scene that had haunted my town and I developed a different crime, a crime that included a body that had been set on fire. But that is where the similarity ended…
… Deputy Sheriff Commander Jake Carson has his hands full with the investigation of a brutal multiple homicide, a troubled son and a vindictive ex-wife when he meets young, free-spirited paramedic Julie Jennings. He is immediately drawn to her and finds himself unexpectedly falling in love. Julie finds herself just as drawn to him. When Julie becomes the subject of an obsession, it puts both of their lives in extreme danger… Romance…danger…adventure…suspense…another great Chelle Cordero novel sure to grab readers from many genre!
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Final Sin is available in Print, E-book & Audio
Now Available in Spanish and German translations!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Introducing Annie's Karma by Chelle Cordero

After Karma Visited...

Annie's Karma by Chelle Cordero

Annie's Karma is the sequel to Karma Visited

Do You Believe in Karma?
Annie Furman has a gift that allows her, while she sleeps, to visit people in their time of need - but who will be there for her when she needs help?
Undersheriff Dave Turner is investigating a series of home invasions and homicides. He has no idea that solving this case will lead him to the woman of his dreams.

Excerpt from Annie's Karma:

We just got into town. I haven’t had a chance to make any connections yet. I’m trying to get a job and I have to open a bank account. I just enrolled my son in the school.” Donna took the handwritten receipt from Annie’s hand. “Thank you. This apartment will be perfect. I’m grateful that you’re renting it to us.”
Donna explained to Annie that she and her four-year-old son were slowly meandering their way across the country, but she realized that the child needed a stable place to live instead of being on the move constantly. She was driving through and liked the small town atmosphere she noticed in Catawai. Donna told Annie that she was a recent widow and that her husband died of cancer, it was already very advanced when they discovered it. Neither she nor her late husband had any family. She wanted to move away and get a fresh start where there weren’t so many memories. She wanted someplace where her little boy could grow up without the constant reminders of a dad who was no longer there for him.
There wasn’t much that Gene left us, but he had taken a small term life insurance policy, so at least I have cash in my pocket to pay our way for a bit without worrying too much.” Donna shrugged. “Hopefully I’ll get that job I interviewed for…”
Annie listened sympathetically and tried not to ask too many questions, but she noticed a look in Donna’s eyes that she thought she could understand even without knowing why. She couldn’t say for sure, but she knew that Donna wasn’t being entirely truthful. Annie suddenly realized why she felt connected with the woman. She wondered if she had ever had that same look during the years she needed to escape from Scott. Annie decided not to question Donna’s story, at least not for the time being. Maybe she could even find some way to help the other woman.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

When Life Throws You Curves ~ #MondayBlogs

One day I will write my autobiography and the title will be “I Made Plans, God Laughed”.
Everyone experiences unexpected events, some frightening and some surprising. In the past few weeks my family has been dealing with a frightening health emergency, we’ve pulled together in love and support. I find myself pleasantly surprised at the strength and resourcefulness of each member of the immediate family. Extended family and close friends have also surrounded us with positive energy which has encouraged and bolstered our hearts.
During the first nights we were enveloped in fear, the fear that comes from not knowing what comes next. As the days went on, with the help of prayer and the knowledge of medical professionals, we were able to regroup and make plans. We found a place for our loved one to recuperate, rehabilitate and, God willing, eventually return home.
It’s a wonderful thing to be surrounded by family and loving friends when your need is great and you feel lost. I truly believe in the power of positivity — positive thinking and positive actions lead to better outcomes. We truly appreciate all the good wishes, concern and prayers sent in our direction.
We know that there is a long road ahead and we are hoping for a full recovery. This unexpected emergency will forever change all of our lives making us more appreciative of loved ones and good friends, and of course more aware of the need to take better care of ourselves.
Never miss a moment to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, life changes quickly. I consider myself very lucky to still be able to say how much I care. I will be selfish enough to ask for the comfort of your continued prayers and good wishes.
May the rest of 2017 find you all, and your loved ones, in good health, surrounded by the warmth of love and friendship.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Annie’s Karma by Chelle Cordero Now Available in Print and All E-book Editions

The story continues...
Annie's Karma,
the sequel to Karma Visited,
is available!

Simultaneous Release!
Print and All E-book Editions


Annie’s Karma by Chelle Cordero

Annie Furman moves on from her past and into her future with Undersheriff Dave Turner. Her gifts – or are they her curse? – grow stronger, and she finds out that she is not alone in the realm of astral travel. Dave saved her life, now she has to fight another ‘traveler’ to save Dave… if she survives.


Annie’s Karma Sneak Peek Video



 Annie’s Karma is a super followup novel to Karma VisitedI was intrigued by many things that evolved and expanded throughout the book, not the least of which is the incredibly detailed (although fictional, I must guess) accounts of astral travel, alongside the thriller aspects of the story.
~ Karen Mayes, Beta Reader

Annie’s Karma

 by Chelle Cordero

 Grab your copy today!










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