Sunday, July 12, 2009

Buy My Book at Barnes & Noble, Palisades

ALL of my novels are now


at Barnes & Noble,

Palisades Center,

West Nyack NY

and I need YOUR help to keep them there.

…for each novel you buy from Barnes & Noble in the Palisades Center from now through the end of August, you can get a FREE E-book of any of my novels – email me at with B&N Pal in the subject line

Include the following proof of purchase in the body of the email (copy from your receipt): The store phone number, date, price, register number and cashier name – oh and please let me know which book you bought.

I will email you a .pdf ebook of your choice (check out the First Chapter previews) or let me surprise you.

It’s a Two-For-One Sale!

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