Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all

May you enjoy the bounty of good food,
comfortable warmth,
love of family and friends,
and good health

Thanksgiving dinner with her family was wonderful, but Davie was happy to get back to her own place for the rest of the weekend. Thanksgiving dinners were always a monumental event in her family and especially since her cousin and her new husband had just gotten back from their honeymoon, the family went all out this year. She seemed to remember that last year they had some special reason to go all out then too, just like the year before.

When she was little, she remembered helping her mother prepare wonderfully delicious Thanksgiving dishes. She loved the baking most of all, fresh apple pies, delicious cornbread and pumpkin muffins – her mouth watered just thinking about it. Her mom and all her aunts, and sometimes even her uncles, helped to make a cooperative feast that she was sure rivaled any that the Pilgrims might have even dreamed of. Even now, long after her mom was no longer around to make any contributions, the dinner was still a huge ceremony. Everyone agreed though that the sweet potato pie was never as good as Laura used to make.

She was put on the bus for the trip back home with a carton of plastic containers filled with leftovers. Luckily the bus was near empty, so the cardboard box had its own seat for the ride. By the time she had gotten back home, she was so tired she barely got everything put in the fridge before she climbed exhausted into bed.

Saturday morning she slept late…

Davie was startled when her doorbell rang. She wasn’t expecting company.

"Hi." Adam greeted her when she opened the door. "I drove by last night and saw your lights on, but it was late." He had worried that the family upstairs would think he was a prowler at that hour, especially if Davie hadn't welcomed his presence. "May I come in?"

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