Thursday, August 25, 2011

Writers just want to have fun

"But why would you want to help someone do
something that puts them into competition with you?"

I was recently asked that question after a stranger overheard my enthusiasm about teaching an upcoming writing workshop... but you see I don't see how helping other aspiring writers enjoy their craft is competition. I see it as helping to create a word of communication.

If you have a Kindle then you can subscribe to my weekly writing workshop,
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By the way, that writing workshop I was speaking so enthusiastically about is happening on September 21, 7pm, at the Suffern Free Library

Three Local Characters with Stories To Tell

7PM, Large Meeting Room

Mulit-published authors Charmaine Gordon, Janet L Walters and Chelle Cordero will present an interactive discussion for writers followed by a question/answer session.


  • Charmaine Gordon: Everyone Has a Story
  • Janet L. Walters: Packing For Your Literary Journey
  • Chelle Cordero: Marketing & Promotion

Books will be available for purchase.


Malcolm R. Campbell said...

When you three bring this show on the road, make sure to come to Georgia.


Chelle Cordero said...

If we go on the road, we'll be sure to put Georgia on the list of destinations (with a guest speaker of course!)

Karen Harrington said...

I second what Malcolm says, only for Texas!

That's an interesting question posed about being in competition with other writers and I agree with you - it's far from competition. All of us have been helped by others. :)

Chelle Cordero said...

Hi Karen,

It;s so true, the writing community is one of the most helpful groups I know of.