Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Busy Bodies

There are some who (both figuratively and literally) never get up off their duffs and take responsibility or any action. So often these people are quick to blame others for either what didn’t get done at all or didn’t get done to their satisfaction.

Why does it seem that some folks manage to do only one job well… the avoidance of doing anything constructive? Whether it’s at home or the office, fingers are pointed at others while those same fingers are never kept busy. And when the job does get done BY SOMEONE ELSE, these individuals are often so quick to take credit if the job has been done well, and so often to lay blame when things didn’t go as planned.

Something else you notice about these people, the stories behind their excuses change depending on how many others they make their excuses to. And yet for all of their do-nothing-attitude, these are the very same folks who are very quick to tell others just how things are supposed to get done. Heaven forbid you should do the task at hand without consulting her/him for advice and even permission. But if you wait until they actually take the time to show you, your job never gets done.

If you want something done, ask a busy person.”
Benjamin Franklin

Sounds a bit like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Why is it that the busy person can “get the job done” when most others fail? One would think a busy person is too busy to add more tasks to be done. Why is it that the already busy person can manage to find the time that others never do?

One explanation might be that the busy person has developed management skills or he knows shortcuts. You can trust that a busy person won’t shy away from hard work. Knowing that someone can tackle the job you need done also lets you know that you can rely on that someone, and we naturally gravitate to the people we trust. It’s been suggested that most people who complain of being busy are simply giving themselves an excuse why they can’t get things done, after all if there is too much on your plate…

If you want to accomplish more, to get more things done and not have to wait for someone else to do those tasks for you, plan out your time. Keep a record of how long things take to do, know what can distract and sway you from your course. Schedule in any necessary down time such as stopping for lunch or even visiting the restroom. Work in front of a clock so you don’t lose track of time. Don’t get distracted by others around you. If necessary break your task down into increments that you tackle one at a time.

Make sure that your “busy time” is also productive time.

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