Monday, July 14, 2008

Lon Bartlett Chats With Brandon Price

Lon Bartlett of Bartlett’s Rule is a famous author in his own right and he has agreed to do a weekly radio spot on WVHP interviewing interesting and upcoming new stars.
Let’s listen to this week’s broadcast…


Lon: Greetings everyone. Today we’re talking with Brandon Price, the hero of Chelle Cordero’s latest novel, Forgotten. Brandon, you truly are a man of mystery in this novel. I was lucky enough to receive an Advance Reading Copy from the publisher.

Brandon: So what did you think of the story, Lon?

Lon: It was really good. Chelle sure did a great job with your story.

Brandon: Well I got to read your story too. Not bad at all.

Lon: Thanks. We have a little mutual admiration society going here I see.

Brandon: There’s nothing wrong with that.

Lon: Agreed. But back to you and your story, Forgotten. That is one book that won’t be forgotten. The plot had some unexpected twists and all.

Brandon: Yeah. A whole lot of things were going on.

Lon: And you still got the girl. Tell us a little bit about that.

Brandon: Well Lon, the real mystery certainly wasn’t my choice. It was pretty unsettling not to be able to remember the woman I supposedly married.

Lon: (chuckling) It sure wasn’t the greatest time to ask a young lady who she is.

Brandon: It definitely was a shock for Caitlyn. I really put her through hell. She must have felt terrible to realize that I had no idea who she was…

Lon: Right in the middle of making love too, whew! But even when you got your memory back, she found out that there were a lot of things you hadn’t told her.

Brandon: I’m not really proud of that…

Lon: So how did you manage to pull that off? You know I used to have a pretty good reputation with women and…

Brandon: (Laughing) I wouldn’t call that a good rep Lon. You know if I had a sister, I wouldn’t have let her anywhere near you.

Lon: Things change. Now I’m a stable married man.

Brandon: Paige certainly had an effect on you.

Lon: Well Brandon, let’s get back to the effect that Caitlyn had on you. What made you finally open up to her?

Brandon: I didn’t really have a choice. It was tell her everything or lose her.

Lon: She wasn’t exactly too happy at first, you almost did lose her anyway. What was the biggest secret that you told her?

Brandon: Well, uh, I really can’t give that away here. Folks are just going to have to read the book to find out all of my secrets.

Lon: Okay. Tell me though, you had a lot of help winning her back, didn’t you?

Brandon: I’m not going to lie, a couple of really good friends helped out. Someone that knows Caitlyn real well did me a big favor by helping me understand a few things. I was really clueless.

Lon: You were pretty much a loner before your lady came around, weren’t you?

Brandon: Yes. I pretty much kept isolated. The only person I ever trusted, before Caitlyn of course, was my secretary.

Lon: Ah yes, your secretary. She certainly surprised you.

Brandon: I still can’t believe how wrong I was about her.

Lon: People make mistakes. She put on a good act.

Brandon: Yeah, but I thought I knew women pretty well… and look how that turned out. You know I used to read your articles back in the day. They were actually pretty good. You put in a lot of valid pointers about the fairer sex.

Lon: Hey Brandon, how about telling us a little bit about Caitlyn.

Brandon: What can I say? She’s beautiful and smart. She is a really gifted artist. I love her paintings. And she is very giving of herself to everyone around her. She is a real people person. She loves her family and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her friends. The best of all, she loves me.

Lon: How did you meet her?

Brandon: I was at job fair, I had been asked if I would take on an intern. Anyway, I saw this gorgeous young lady come walking in – there was no turning back. I had to meet her.

Lon: There is a bit of history in the story about your families. Do you want to fill us in?

Brandon: There really isn’t much to say about me. I was estranged from my father for years. My mom had died. I didn’t have any other relatives. As for Caitlyn, her parents were killed by a drunk driver when she was just twelve. She went to live with relatives after that. It was Caitlyn who really made me see that family was a nice thing to have.

Lon: Whatever happened with the intern?

Brandon: I never did get around to finding one.

Lon: Your work is pretty interesting…

Brandon: All I do is design computer games, Lon. You know, I’m the guy who helps create those huge battle scenes that online gamers go crazy for.

Lon: Well Brandon, I’m afraid we’re out of time here. Folks we’ve been chatting with Brandon Price… computer game designer. You can meet Brandon for yourself in Chelle Cordero’s latest romance novel, Forgotten. Forgotten comes out later this month. Please stay tuned for your favorite music with DJ Steve when we come back after this break.

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