Friday, July 25, 2008

The Places in Forgotten

Just a little bit about the locations used in FORGOTTEN...

Chicago - This is where Brandon grew up, he never returned there after he left home for college. (personal: I spent many holiday weekends visiting my dad's mother and step-father just outside of Chicago as a child.)

Las Vegas - The book opens in a hotel room in Las Vegas. (personal: I've never been to Las Vegas.)

New York City - Caitlyn and Brandon meet in NYC where they both reside, neither one of them is a native New York City-ite. (personal: I grew up in "da Bronx" and went to high school and college in Manhattan. My first real job was in the public relations office of a magazine publishing company in NYC.)

Tupper Lake - Quaint small town located in the Adirondack region in upstate New York. This is where Caitlyn grew up. (personal: The Adirondacks are one of my very favorite places with a lot of my own romantic memories with my hubby the summer we got engaged. Later, hubby had family who owned a house in Tupper and we visited frequently.)

by Chelle Cordero
July, 2008

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