Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Malcolm has to say...

Hey there,

You know Keisha keeps getting upset with me but I really feel for Brandon - I mean the man loves his woman, he really does love her. But she gets all ticked off at him, yeah, maybe I can understand some of that but still, give the guy a break.

I am really trying to be buddies with Brandon, he's a pretty good guy. And I can relate to what he's going through... after all, I spent some time in Africa chasing Keisha. Oh yeah, Keisha is my lady and she's best friends with Caitlyn.

So Keisha got really ticked off with me the night of our wedding because I clued Brandon in on where Caitlyn was going to be. I was lucky because Caitlyn wound up covering for me - but you know, if she could give me that kind of a break, maybe she could be a little more patient with poor Brandon. Man, he really has it bad...

Well I'm interested in what you have to say about things. You know we could pop open a couple of beers and complain about the womenfolk. In the meanwhile I'm going to head off to bed. Keisha's already there and, well... I'm no dummy.

Guess I'll be seeing you around. In the meantime, check us out in Forgotten. Hey, you know what, here's a freebie... the whole crowd gets together again in another one of Chelle Cordero's books, Within the Law (due out Nov 2008).


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