Wednesday, February 11, 2009


KINDLE HOOPLA - okay, that is just one of those phrases that tickles me when I say it (try it yourself).

Anyway, it seems that almost every site I go to the last few days is filled with discussion about the new Kindle2 due out later this month from Amazon.

While there are many of us die-hards who love the actual feel of a book beneath our fingers, there seems to be A LOT of benefits of owning a Kindle: small size with big storage to hold lots of books, instant downloading and no wireless charges, less expensive book purchases, variable size font and now there is even a read-aloud feature. Imagine packing a whole library worth of books in your travel bags in pretty much the same space it would take to pack a magazine - wow!

Don't worry, even though there is a link to purchase the new Kindle2 (pre-order it now until Feb. 24), this is NOT a sales pitch for Amazon -

I wanted to let you know that ALL of my novels from Vanilla Heart Publishing ARE AVAILABLE for Kindle downloading - so instantly download, save money, and enjoy Bartlett's Rule, Forgotten, Within the Law and Courage of the Heart.

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