Friday, February 13, 2009

On Demand! Happy Valentine's Day

On Demand! ... sounds impressive.

Today as I signed on to my email,
I got a Google Alert that led me to
Vanilla Heart - Blog Talk Radio archives

The particular show you'll find in the on-demand column was
taped after the release of Forgotten but
before the release of Within the Law
...this really brings me back through time!

2008 began my journey as a
and it continues in 2009, Woo-Hoo.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and
while you shouldn't wait for this
once a year opportunity to say "I Love You"
to the ones you care about,
I thought I might share a few suggestions
on how to make the day
romantic, warm and memorable...

1) Dinner for two ~ Whether it's a fine restaurant or dining at home, have a nice meal together (hint, forget the diets - enjoy the meal) with easy, relaxed conversation. If you are dining at home, think about using disposable plates so no one has to get stuck doing the dishes and you can move on to better things. However if you do use the fine china, wash and dry as a couple - it CAN be romantic.
2) Fill an empty jar with chocolates ~ or you can use any favorite sweet (like jelly beans). Paste heart shaped stickers around the jar, or cut and paste shapes from colored craft paper or magazine pics as decorations, tie a ribbon around the cap and present to your special valentine.
3) Have a romantic trip down memory lane ~ plan a picnic lunch in that park where you first strolled together, catch a movie at the place you had your first date (or miniature golf, play arcade games, etc). Maybe even spend an evening away visiting your honeymoon spot or the place you first made love together...
4) Have a date night at home ~ don't let the lack of a babysitter or funds deter you. Rent a DVD or video of the first movie you saw together, pop a bag of popcorn, send the kids to bed, and cuddle up on the couch in each other's arms. Spend the evening sipping wine/champagne/soda while reading romantic poetry to each other. Dance to a few romantic tunes on the CD player.
5) Some saucier, hotter ideas for Valentine's Day ~ Make love in a different room of your home. Edible undies are always delectable. Gift your partner with a good book of "positions", and then start trying them out. Dirty word "Scrabble" can lead to some hot ideas. Play a strip game of ANYTHING. Have some clean fun in a shower for two. Read hot, torrid romance novels aloud together and stop whenever the "mood" strikes you.

Have a wonderful
Valentine's Day
filled with the warmth
of friendship and love!

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Kim Smith said...

Hey Chelle! Just popping over to thank you for following my book tour and to ask if you got your gift certificate? I love your blog! Great info for V day. I think we are going to snuggle up and watch old movies. Hope your "love" day goes well!