Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Malcolm has to say about Final Sin...

Malcolm R Campbell, the author of The Sun Singer and the about to be released Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire had this to say about Final Sin:

"It's probably a "guy thing," but I always find it hard to understand the man-woman relationships in a romance.

That said, this well-written book also features non-stop action, plenty of suspense, and some well-handled chilling scenes. I enjoyed this book. With Chelle's EMT background, we have--in addition to a dandy plot--a window into the world of the EMTs including one brave lady Julie Jennings. There's a killer loose and what he leaves behind is strong stuff, but Julie and her partner must maintain their composure and skill levels in spite of the horror of the crime scene. So, too, does Jake, a no-nonsense lawman whose long-time experience helps keep him on track in spite of the media frenzy and his growing attraction to Julie.

I have yet to read a Cordero book that didn't keep me reading and turning pages and wanting more late into the night."

Thanks Malcolm!

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