Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gotta' Love the Business

Like many authors, I have “another job” – however my other job is also as a writer going by the name of Chelle Cordero. I’m a freelance journalist and I have a few regular clients. Aside from having more income opportunities in a career I love, working on a variety of projects in any given week is also a terrific way to beat writer’s block; when I am stuck on what word to write next I merely switch projects and the creative juices start flowing freely again. Such is the writer’s life.

As a novelist I write romantic suspense, a few novels centered around EMS mystery and most recently paranormal suspense. As a journalist I write about little black dresses, home furnishings and repairs, gardening, auto dealerships and finances – and a few more topics. I also write a monthly column about New York State Emergency Medical Services issues for a trade paper. These are my fairly regular gigs. On occasion when I get lucky I manage to get an assignment for a random publication as well. All these topics can get pretty confusing when I jump between topics, but it also presents lots of strange events which get written into my fiction.

I won’t deny that I love seeing my byline, it’s an ego thing. I also love to see my name on the spine of a book or at least listed next to a title at an online book retailer. Every so often I get a random phone call from a distant friend or an email from a reader asking if it’s the same Chelle Cordero that writes spicy novels and articles about senior dating and green living; I write for a syndicated service that provides special supplements to newspapers throughout North America so I never know where my articles will pop up.

In addition to the myriad of topics that I enjoy researching, I have the privilege to work with some pretty great editors and the chance to hone my style for each publication. By now I am sure you have heard the heaps of praise I have for my managing editor at Vanilla Heart Publishing where most of my fiction comes from; I also have huge respect for the other editors I’ve been lucky enough to work with. It’s no wonder I love my career.

I would love to hear from you whenever you read something I’ve written - like I said, it’s an ego thing. For a complete list of my books, take a look here, for a complete list of my writing credits go here. And to see samples of my books or some samples of my articles

(P.S.: I sure won’t mind if you let my editors know how terrific a writer you think I am...


Angela Kay Austin said...

Switching projects is a great way to keep ideas flowing.

Chelle Cordero said...

It's almost like doing a free-write. Thanks for coming by Angela.