Monday, December 15, 2014

Hello Young Lovers ~ #MondayBlogs

A couple in love beginning life together as Mr & Mrs...

This past weekend on December 13, 2014 (12/13/14) our son Marc married the love of his life Patricia (Trish) during a wonderful ceremony surrounded by several loving family members and friends. The evening was filled with wonderful expressions of devotion and commitment between these two soul mates and from everyone present ~ and in these modern times, thanks to the magic of cellphones, even some relatives who were unable to make the ceremony joined in via SKYPE and speakerphones!

Seven+ years ago our daughter Jenni married the love of her life Jason...

So now both of our precious children are married to wonderful people who will always love and take care of them. This fact is such a joy for a parent, knowing that your child will always have someone by their side to support them, hold them, laugh with them and be there.

Mark & I began our life together 39 years ago. Together we've faced challenges and joys and most importantly we raised two incredible children who are now adults that we very much admire and respect. To say that I am proud of who they have become is an understatement.

Once again in our life it is Mark and me because, although you never stop being a parent once you've been there, our children have a nuclear family of their own, someone to share their decisions with, someone to confide in and depend on. There is a wonderful order to this natural cycle of life and I couldn't be happier for both of my offspring.

Hello young lovers, whoever you are 
I hope your troubles are few 
All my good wishes go with you tonight
I've been in love like you

thanks to Teri Hamilton for producing this video

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