Monday, July 13, 2015

Feeling Invisible ~ #MondayBlogs

Most writers by nature are an insecure lot. We're emotional and we go through highs and lows "faster than a speeding locomotive". We need constant reassurance. Yes, I've said it, writers are NEEDY.

Does anyone read my words? Does anyone know I exist?

Do we write for recognition? LOL, well it's certainly not for money!

If you think I'm exaggerating, speak to any writer and you'll find that we hang on every word once someone starts off with the sentence, "I just finished reading your (insert book title here) and need to know when you are writing the next one?"  When this is said to me I want to do a happy dance, Yay, I have a fan!!!
We spend hours promoting our books... I've offered free books in exchange for reviews, asked folks to join my Street Team or to follow my blog and sometimes it seems that I am invisible, or atleast I feel that way. I want to walk through my local supermarket and have people stop me to autograph a book (preferably one that I wrote!), I want them to be all bubbly because they recognize a famous author. 

Yet in reality whenever a mutual friend introduces me to a stranger and they ask what I do and I say "I'm a writer" I often receive a blank stare and then maybe, just maybe, they'll say "oh, what do you write?" Then I've had folks think I am joking when I say I'm an author of published novels (ten actually). I want parades down Main Street, newspaper articles, reporters ringing my phone...

Several years ago I accompanied my husband on a business trip to Rhode Island and I spent a day just writing in our hotel room while he went off for a meeting. The maid had to clean the room and before she left I offered her a copy of my first book explaining that I was THE author. She smiled and nodded and politely thanked me for the book as she simply placed in on her cleaning cart. Moments later I heard her screech in the hallway and I went to the door to see what was going on — "Oh my Gawd! You really did write this book!" as she frantically pointed to my author picture on the back cover.

My neighbor's daughter is a fairly well recognized actress (love the girl, really) and I've stood with other residents of the street we live on to hear them say, "Oh it's so thrilling to actually know someone who's famous, she's made a name for herself!" And while I kvell for this young lady, I nod and smile and feel just a tiny bit deflated that no one seems to acknowledge my name in print.

I want to be FAMOUS!

I want people to see ME

So, just like I said... insecure.


Ok, rant is OVER...
Back to work

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