Saturday, May 5, 2018

Speaking in Tongues ~ Chelle Cordero novels in translations

I was raised in an English-speaking only home even though both of my parents were fluent in other languages. The only times I heard other languages were when my mom lit the holiday candles or when my dad lost his temper (and didn’t want my mom to understand the curse words) — while my dad understood and could speak Yiddish and some Hebrew, my mom had NO knowledge of Spanish (and probably felt it wouldn’t be wise to repeat things my dad said in anger). My dad also had a good knowledge, even if not totally fluent, of French, German and Italian thanks to his time served in the army during WW2.

I had heard my older relatives speak in Spanish and Yiddish (and I think some other languages) but since my sis and I weren’t encouraged we really didn’t pick it up. It wasn’t until Junior High and High School that I had any formal education in other languages (French and Spanish)… and I just never really seemed to retain any of the languages. Because of my Cordero surname many people I’ve encountered through the years have expected me to be bilingual with a fluency in Spanish and it’s almost always been a surprise to them how very lost I am.

Okay fast forward to the past few years, just in case you are not aware, I write. Obviously with my lack of communication skills in languages other than English everything I write is in English. My publisher and I were pleasantly surprised to find some of my books selling in faraway (other language) places like Germany, France, Argentina, Italy, Spain, India, and Portugal — my ENGLISH books. This helped inspired my wonderful publisher at Vanilla Heart Publishing to market foreign language translations. I was so excited the first time El último pecado (Spanish edition of Final Sin) was sold!

My terrific publisher has published eleven more translations of four different books (Kimberlee, you are wonderful!) She’s had my stories professionally translated by wonderful artists like Elisabetta Colona, Audrey Vennin, Mariana Sanchez Carranza, Selma Regina da Silva, and Katharina Klamt. Readers can find editions of Final Sin, Hyphema, Karma Visited and Annie’s Karma in Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and French. You can check out these and all of my books on Amazon ,  Barnes & Noble  and other online retailers.

 Oh, by the way, things like Google Translate are great if you are “conversing” on social media one or two sentences at a time, but even then the app doesn’t pick up the local idioms and nuances that are specific to other languages. One of my cousins who speaks Spanish had a good laugh at my attempts at conversation, LOL.

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