Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Courage of the Heart reviews from Barnes&Noble.com

"Couldn't put it down" Mary, A reviewer, 05/09/2002 "I hope to read more by this author! this book was really a page-turner."

"Courage of the Heart-Not Your Average Love Story" Barbara Viohl (SVBabe@aol.com), A reviewer, 07/16/2001 "Besides being a 'can't put it down' novel, Courage of the Heart contains many instances in which it is obvious that a lot of research was necessary in order to make some of the technical aspects that are essential to the plot, believable. Besides getting to read an above average story, the reader gets a bonus- an education."

"Great love story, Good action." rikki, I love reading!!!, 06/13/2001 "There's lots of unexpected twists. I found myself cheering the characters on. The writer really put some believeable stuff into this story, great technical/computer stuff. I really liked the ending,... but I won't give it away!"