Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Match the sentences with the Chelle Cordero novel

The following sentences are pieces from my 3 books - Forgotten, Bartlett's Rule and Courage of the Heart. Guess which sentences go with each book.

Go ahead - take a guess (don't cheat, the answers are below)...

1. That was a new experience for Adam Sherman, spending his nights alone, sitting in a movie house alone…dreaming of Davie and waking to take a cold shower…alone.

2. “Get her out of here.” Brandon cut off Tom’s protest. “She won’t go with me anyway. When you get out, call for help. I’m not letting this S.O.B. out of my sight until the authorities have him.”

3. “Come on, I know this evening was all a show to keep me happy so your company can buy the magazine.”

4. “I’m asking because I love you. I’m asking because I meant it the first time and because I never wanted to end it.” He kissed the palm of her hand. “Please be my wife. Please share my life.”

5. He smiled that beautifully dazzling, sexy smile that she loved so much when he saw her. “That really wasn’t fair. There was no way I was going to last with you in my bed. I had enough trouble falling asleep thinking of you in that tub.”

6. "And am I supposed to sit home celibate all my life because that's what you decided to do?" She tried to shock him.

7. “If you still want me to sign this, I will, but after we talk. We need to talk.” He put the envelope on the coffee table in front of her before he sat on the opposite end of the couch.

8. He whistled through his teeth. “I’m impressed.” Taking a few steps back, he looked her over. “I’ve read a lot of his work. So you’re the lady that’s cut him down to size.”

9. She laughed into her pillow. “What is this? Some kind of perverted phone call?”

10. "The longer it takes for him to get here, well, the more pissed off I'm going to be. And the more pissed off I am, the more likely I'm going to do something terrible to him."

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so... did you try to guess?
Let's see how close you came.

1. Courage of the Heart
2. Forgotten
3. Bartlett’s Rule
4. Forgotten
5. Bartlett’s Rule
6. Courage of the Heart
7. Forgotten
8. Bartlett’s Rule
9. Bartlett’s Rule
10. Courage of the Heart

Hope you had fun!
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