Monday, April 28, 2008

You can order Bartlett's Rule from Barnes & Noble

It seems a few folks stopped by their local Barnes and Noble stores last week to be told that Bartlett's Rule was NOT available! It seems there was a delay in matching the stock number with the item.

But just last night I stopped by my local store and asked about it - the clerk confirmed that Bartlett's Rule WAS indeed available and IN STOCK. So you can go into your local store to order a copy - but please, ask them why it isn't ALREADY on their store shelves?

You can always order Bartlett's Rule online via Barnes and Noble, or, you can order directly from the publisher's web-site

By the way, Barnes and Noble does show that Courage of the Heart is OUT of Stock - but if you go directly to that publisher's web-site at you can cut out the middleman and the potential delays.

So please get my books, Bartlett's Rule and Courage of the Heart - they are both terrific love stories. And if you get them now, you will have enough time to finish them both by the time Forgotten is available!