Monday, June 13, 2016

Missed Phone Calls ~ #MondayBlogs

There are times I go to pick up the phone to make a phone call, just to chat, and realize that some of the people I most enjoyed talking to are gone. The two who I miss the most are my parents, it was always great to speak to either one, work out problems, share the day and simply connect. My dad could be a no-holds-barred and would automatically tell me how he felt about the things I needed to talk about; my mom was super terrific and it was evident she never lost her talents as a social worker, she was an ideal sounding board during my teen angst years.

Today, June 13, is my mom’s birthday, she would have been 99 but since she passed at the ripe young age of 61 I really have no way of knowing what she would have been like if she were still around. So I am looking upward and wishing her a happy day and sending her my love and somehow I have confidence that she hears me. She’s also probably dancing up a storm with my dad (he was 58 when he passed), they loved to dance even though my mom was partially disabled — he never minded having her lean on him for support. I am so glad to still be able to hear their voices now and then, to remember them, and to have known them so well that when I am faced with a quandary I can think what would Mommy or Daddy do.

I was very lucky to have also shared wonderful conversations with others who have moved on, just to mention a few and hopefully they can hear how appreciative I am for the times we talked — Aunt Ruth & Uncle Erv, Aunt Sally, Titi Dolly, Aunt Wilma, my cousin Roberta, and yes there were others. In my present day I try not to waste time, I speak freely with my friends and family, and we share whatever is on our minds… in person when possible, on the phone when necessary, but always often. My husband and brother-in-law teasingly (I think?) say that without my sister and me the phone company would lose its purpose.

Aside from using this opportunity to wish my mom a wonderful birthday… 

I want to remind everyone to stay in touch with their loved ones, talk just for the sake of talking, never waste a day — because tomorrow all you may have left are the memories and you will want plenty to sustain you.


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