Wednesday, August 12, 2020

I HATE Computers!!!!

Now I know as a writer that might sound phony, but as much as I rely on computers and virtual technology in my field, this artificial intelligence wanna-be that I call my laptop really does seem to have a mind of its own. And I am convinced that it wants to kill me! (…or at least frustrate the heck out of me)


Like many of us, I get assaulted by “necessary upgrades” and even if I try to ignore these in my busiest moments, I do try to do the “responsible” thing and take care of THE MACHINE. Invariably each time there is another upgrade, SOMETHING changes on my machine, most times it’s just my desktop appearance.


But NOOOO, not this last time. I got the usual box popping up on my screen from MicroSoft with the normal gobbledygook about upgrades — the first time that happened (with this laptop) I was advised to let it upgrade and I have each time since. Usually my desktop appearance changes, my fonts change to smaller sizes, or other rather minor annoyances.


Oy! But this time, this time it not only changed the appearance, it WIPED MY FILES off of the hard drive! Yes, wiped, as in scrubbed. I am lucky, I guess, in that I disconnected my external drive before allowing the upgrade, I didn’t see the need for that to remain connected as the computer played around going on and off. And while it will be time-consuming, I can gather most of the files I lost from Documents and Downloads. It also removed some programs, but the only one I can remember for sure is ZOOM.


I bothered my son with desperate text messages yesterday when I discovered the emptiness. Of course the first thing he said was, “Mom, upgrades don’t erase files.” And trying to hold back tears I uttered back, “But something did!” He is my computer guru, but he is miles away and so it will take time before he can actually take a look at my machine. Something is definitely wrong in PC land.


In the meanwhile I can’t avoid using the dratted thing, my editors depend on me and just about everything these days is via the internet. So I am writing and sending my work – 



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