Saturday, January 24, 2009

p69 Theory - Forgotten

There is a theory that if you pick up a book and turn to page 69, you will know if the book is interesting or not

so we are putting it to the test...

p 69

...Everything was just as he imagined it would be and he knew more pieces of his memory were coming back.

He unpacked his suitcase and put things away. He put the water kettle up in the kitchen and reached into the cabinet for a pair of oversized mugs. Not at all surprised to find cocoa mix just where he thought it would be, he enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa with Amanda. Leaving the kitchen he walked her to the office door and helped her to turn the futon into a bed. He kissed her gently and wished her good night. Entering the master bedroom, he sighed contentedly and got ready for bed. Jet lag and the stress of the past two days had taken their toll and he felt tired. Maybe he would wake up to more memories after resting.

He felt comfortable as he stripped down to his boxers and crawled in between the sheets of his king sized bed. He fluffed the oversize pillows and lay down enjoying the comfortable familiarity. It didn’t take long for Brandon to close his eyes and begin to relax. Some of the tension he had been feeling began to melt. Just as he was feeling himself drift off to sleep, he reached out and was bothered by the unfamiliar feeling of finding himself alone in the bed.

Without hesitation, he realized that he had shared his bed with Caitlyn several times before and he missed having her by his side. In the dark, he stared at the empty half of the bed and then forced himself to stretch out across the middle to make the bed seem a little less bare. He fell asleep with Caitlyn’s name on his lips and her image in his mind. Tomorrow he would have to talk to Amanda about their engagement; it was something he obviously couldn’t honor.

The room was dark when he woke and it took a few moments for him to get his bearings. Slowly he recognized the shadows of his bedroom and was pleased that they felt ...

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