Thursday, January 8, 2009

Please "tag" my books

You can help readers find books easier on by "tagging" them.
"Think of a tag as a keyword or category label."

If you have made a purchase on Amazon, your tags are visible immediately; if you haven't yet made a purchase, the tags stay "hidden" until you do (a great incentive for buying my books! ;> )

You can "tag" a book with the author's name, the name of another book in the series/or by the author, the genre, or some topic that stands out about the book. For instance, in Bartlett's Rule both lead characters worked for a publisher, so you might tag that book "publisher"...

So would you please go to Amazon and tag my books? (I've even made a few suggestions for what to use for a tag...)

romance, love story, rape survivor
romance, intrigue, national security
romance, police, suspense
romance, computers, male survivor

...and yes, you can tag ANY author's books - I am sure they would appreciate it. I do.

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