Monday, November 30, 2015

A writer just might write about you ~ #MondayBlogs

 We have all, at some point, felt sucker punched when someone we THOUGHT we knew and trusted so well figuratively stabs us in the back. With head hung low, sometimes all you have to do is look back realistically and honestly to see all the tell-tale signs we should have been aware of all through our friendship/relationship. Many times we will see them, after the fact of course, and with a self-deprecating head-slap we finally knock ourselves into acceptance that maybe we are just better off breaking all ties.

I know that it sounds bitter, but I feel it is more like acceptance and maturity; every moment I waste on worrying about the loss of this so-called “friend” is a moment of my life I will never get back. I’ve had, luckily just a few, unpleasant surprises like this, but each time I can recall warnings — some just signs and actions I let slide and then a few from other people who warned me and I just chose to ignore out of misguided loyalty — and I can only shake my head.

Don’t think I regret the blind friendship, I don’t. For the years I shared this relationship I had laughter and adventures, we shared victories and life. Maybe it just took a while before she showed her “true colors”, or maybe she was a different person when we first bonded and we simply grew apart… whatever it is over now. Ironically while I admit to having a WTF moment, I have moved on and she has not. Whether it was jealousy (?) or some twisted image in her head, she is still “talking” about me and yes, spreading lies, to justify her behavior; when I do hear of her latest antics I shake my head and give her no more than a few moments thought (except of course for the fodder that becomes a blog post).  

Do I miss the friendship? Only what I THOUGHT it was, certainly not the real version my eyes were finally opened to. It is much better to have fewer TRUE friends than many false ones and I consider myself blessed in that area. I leave you with a meme that been spread across Facebook and the Internet: "For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness."

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