Monday, November 16, 2015

Don’ t do the work ~ #MondayBlogs

Terrorists and bullies use fear, intimidation, random violence and chaos to control and push self-serving agendas. Unfortunately when these acts SEEM to  involve specific ethic groups, this fear promotes bigotry.


In recent times we’ve had terror attacks under the names of Al Qaida and ISIS promoting Islamic radicalism and Jihad. After attacks such as this weekend’s Paris horror there have been fears of retribution and escalated violence. The violence and hatred multiplies, resentments grow, tolerance diminishes, trust disappears, and suspicion rules. Too often an entire ethnic group, race, color or religion Is labeled by the actions of a mere minority.


When people live with all of these negative influences, you begin to look at your neighbors, people that might even have been friends, differently. Communities are divided – people are divided. People react with the most extreme forms of racial profiling sometimes to the point of unwarranted violence and always with derision, verbal abuse, unfairness and animosity,


People who tell their children not to trust Americans, Israelis, Frenchmen, the British, Christians, Jews, or any group capitalize on the negativity displayed from these targets. Children are not born knowing hatred, but they can learn it. Throw in some resentment and it doesn’t take much convincing when hate spewed message is repeatedly broadcast. When we react with undue suspicion, nastiness and anger we reinforce the lessons of hatred.


Unfortunately we live in  world where vigilance is a necessity, there are times when we need to be suspicious and maybe even react to defend ourselves. We need to find a reasonable balance of common sense and caution. The day we let fear rule our lives, the day we reinforce the hatred, we are helping the terrorists achieve their goals.


Let there be peace on earth… for once and always.

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