Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veterans Day to all who have protected our shores

The Many Faces of Chelle Cordero short story collection)

is a fictionalized account of the true story of my parents' romance. 
They met during WW2 and were married 32 yrs before 'til death do us part'. 
Daddy was in the US Army and served
in multiple campaigns in Europe and Africa.


The Meeting

Charleston, South Carolina
“Make sure you send me a letter as soon as you get there.” Jeannette stopped to dry her eyes. “You just know how I am going to miss you.”
“Oh honey, I‘ll write to you every day.” Melanie hugged the best friend she always shared everything with. Their mommas had taken them for walks in their baby carriages together. They were there for each other‘s first dates, they consoled each other when Melanie‘s big brother left to go fight the big war, and they stayed up late reading letters from Melanie‘s ill mother. “Oh I wish I didn‘t have to leave you.”
“You tell your momma to get well so you can bring her home again.”
“Last call for Greensboro.” The train engineer poked his head out to remind passengers to get their luggage loaded.
“Oh, I have to make sure my suitcase is on board.” Melanie gave Jeannette‘s hand a squeeze and then stepped towards the train.
“Make sure you wave to me before you leave.”
In another car an M.P. checked the cuffs of the prisoner he was transporting from Georgia.
“I‘m going to step off and have a smoke.” He was satisfied the prisoner wasn't going anywhere, especially since he was cuffed to the seat. The M.P. motioned to one of the other military personnel on board the car that he would be back in a few minutes.
It felt good to stretch his legs as he stepped down from the train onto the platform. He watched as two women tearfully hugged each other and found himself unable to stop staring at the woman left on the platform. She was beautiful. ...
The Many Faces of Chelle Cordero

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