Monday, February 1, 2016

Family Dynamics ~ #MondayBlogs

“Our Family Puts the FUN in Dysfunctional”

Not everyone in a family has the same beliefs and desires. Each person is an individual; each person is capable of forming his or her own opinion. Sometimes children and parents squabble over their differences. Most times those differences are resolved in reasonable ways and at other times they may cause tension and division.

Every parent who has raised more than one child is aware, at some point, that although the children were raised in the same household and allegedly with the same values and influences, there comes a time when they are just so different from each other.

I look at my own two offspring, both independent adults holding down responsible positions — a daughter and a son. As much as I respect them both and am often in awe of their skills and compassion, I notice they are each unique in their own way, both awesome but still different.

Although married and truly in love for more than 40-years, my husband and I often have differences of opinions. During our children’s’ teen-age years we had a household of four very headstrong individuals. Despite the occasional “loud disagreement” we found ways to live together, love each other, and most times LIKE each other anyway. One thing that has always been evident is the laughter, we’ve always found ways to laugh together.

And now I enjoy the times when we all get together for a family dinner or other occasion (and now there are SIX headstrong individuals as they each chose spouses who are equally opinionated and unique). I am pleased to say that each of us knew then and now that we truly belong together, we are part of something together.

Look at all the different TV families depicted through the years and all of the different dynamics: the Goldbergs, the Ricardos, the Connors, the Bradys, the Hechts, the Baxters, and many, many more. What I personally like about the more modern shows is how they depict real people, flaws and all, and not just the “cookie-cutter” versions of the much earlier years.

What are/were your family dynamics? Do you have memories of family dinners, vacations together, road trips? How many of your family happenings were carry-overs from your own childhood? And how many of you see your household traits in your own children’s homes?


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