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Introducing The Meeting ~ Weekend Writing Warriors / #8sunday / 11/23/14

Hi! Welcome to another Weekend Writing Warrior round. Every week writers post 8 sentences on their blogs from a published or unpublished book. Then we "hop" around and leave comments on each other's snippets. Whether our work is already published or in progress, the helpful comments help us become stronger writers on our next WIP. We welcome EVERYONE's comments.

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I'm moving to another story from The Many Faces of Chelle Cordero, a short-story collection which exemplifies (I hope) the diversity of my writing.

This snippet is from The Meeting which begins in 1942 at a train station platform in Charleston, South Carolina.

“Make sure you send me a letter as soon as you get there,” Jeannette stopped to dry her eyes, “you just know how I am going to miss you.”
“Oh honey, I‘ll write to you every day,” Melanie hugged the best friend she always shared everything with. Their mommas had taken them for walks in their baby carriages together, they were there for each other‘s first dates, they consoled each other when Melanie‘s big brother left to go fight the big war, and they stayed up late reading letters from Melanie’s ill mother. “Oh I wish I didn‘t have to leave you.”
“You tell your momma to get well so you can bring her home again.”
“Last call for Greensboro,” the train engineer poked his head out to remind passengers to get their luggage loaded.
In another car an M.P. checked the cuffs of the prisoner he was transporting from Georgia and then motioned to another soldier on the train.

“I‘m going to step off and have a smoke,” he was satisfied the prisoner wasn‘t going anywhere.

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The Meeting
From a random meeting in the south during WW2 to a
marriage and love that lasts for an eternity.




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The Many Faces of Chelle Cordero is a single author collection of short stories featuring Introduction, Pussycat Tails, Holiday Happiness, Not Alone, I Swear That Raccoon Just Knocked on the Door, Stormy Weather, A Mother’s Love, More Than a Friend, The Meeting, The Vacation and a special bonus section.

from the book's dedication...

To my parents, Marcy & Reva, their relationship was the epitome 
of the love story and the inspiration for "The Meeting"


Unknown said...

Hmm, I'm guessing that prisoner is going to play a fairly interesting role?

Chelle Cordero said...

Good morning Millie. Actually the prisoner is the MP's reason for being on that particular train at that particular moment.

FCEtier said...

"“I‘m going to step off and have a smoke,” he was satisfied the prisoner wasn‘t going anywhere."
Yeah, right.
Nice 8!

FCEtier said...

G+'d, Tweeted, & Pinned.
Happy writing and I'll see you in Jan.

Unknown said...

Oh that is an awesome snippet. I am feeling like that prisoner is going somewhere! What an awesome picture of your parents also. God bless them!

Anonymous said...

uh oh, the prisoner is definitely going to play a big part in this story, am I right?? it doesn't bode well for either women, if he stays or chooses to go!

great scene setting. awesome 8!! xoxo

Unknown said...

Awesome cliff-hanger! I was immediately drawn into all of these characters. I want to see where this goes. Great 8! :)

Veronica Scott said...

Uh oh, the tone sure changed with the introduction of that prisoner - can't wait to see what happens, because I'm sure the MP is going to be wrong. Great 8!

Meka James said...

I was all warm and fuzzy until the end. I hope the prisoner is as secure as the MP thinks.

Anonymous said...

Oh-oh! I have a feeling the prisoner is not as secure as the MP thinks;). Intriguing opening.

Chelle Cordero said...

Oh my, I am worried that you all expect the prisoner to try an escape - as I said above, the prisoner is the reason the MP is where he is. The 8-sentence cut-off made it seem that I was leaving this on a cliff hanger.

Teresa Cypher said...

Lots of details. It's always hard to tell a friend goodbye. The prisoner and the MP add intrigue. Nicely done, Chelle. :-)