Monday, November 10, 2014

A Busy Life ~ #MondayBlogs

So many schedules to keep up with, everyday pressures from work and family, bills, cleaning, traffic jams, getting the kids’ to school on time, expectations from your boss… No wonder we feel so overwhelmed so much of the time.

No matter what your lot in life is, your job, your home life and all of the things others depend on you to do, it is so easy to believe you’ll never catch up. Magazine articles and caring relatives will offer you advice – prioritize, concentrate on one corner at a time, turn off the TV, turn off your computer, put yourself on a schedule. It’s all sound advice and yet you still feel like you are drowning.

Prioritize, it sounds so easy, after all, what is it that you have to get done? It’s depressing when you run out of room on the paper to write your list; there are only 24-hours in a day and you really need to allow for a few hours to sleep, eat and even just go to the bathroom! You feel like you will never get it all done.

Actually lists are good, it just is what you are listing that could be the problem. Make a list of your goals, your dreams and your wishes. Star the big ones, the ones that you really, really, really want or need. Now list the steps you need to take to reach a particular wish or goal and that becomes the start of your new to-do list. And if some of the things that used to be on your daily agenda have no purpose towards your goals – does it really need to be done?

Don’t go through the rigors of life “for others” – live and work for YOU. While your goal may take a while to achieve you will feel accomplished with every little bit you gain towards realizing your dreams. Knowing that you are getting closer to the things you want will give you the impetus to climb out of bed in the morning and dive right in.

Re-evaluate your to-do list now and stop putting pressure on yourself for all of the things you were doing to appease an employer, look good in your neighbor’s eyes, pay off loans for the things you didn’t really want…

Today is for YOU, you deserve it.

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