Monday, November 24, 2014

Love Can Drive You ~ #Monday Blogs

When a loved one needs your help, you find yourself going above and beyond everything you thought you were capable of - you find yourself asking complete strangers for incredible sacrifice, you pray every night for someone, anyone, to go out of their way for you, and you lose all shame by repeatedly asking and appealing to emotions. When you love someone that person's welfare is foremost in your mind and you keep hoping...

My brother-in-law, a man who loves my sister and their children, is in need of a kidney. The advantage of kidney donation is that anyone can donate a kidney. Most of us are born with two healthy kidneys, but you only need one to live. Anyone who is interested can be tested to see if they would be a compatible donor and many factors are take into account to ensure success for both the recipient and the donor.

Becoming an altruistic donor is an incredibly selfless way to be a hero and help save a life.

If you or anyone you know is willing to be tested to see if you are a compatible match for donation please contact Robert Wood Johnson Transplant Center, New Brunswick, NJ at (732) 253-3699 or 1-877-NUKIDNEY and follow the prompts for the living donor program. Tell them you are calling on behalf of Del Du-Bois.

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