Sunday, April 2, 2017

Just saying HI with an update about my latest book

Things have been busy and hectic in real life lately and I realize that I haven't done as much posting as I'd like. I am very excited to have my third series out there, so far it's been very well received. I would be thrilled to hear what you think of it. (While you are at it, could you post a review?)

Have you checked out my latest book, Annie's Karma

Annie's Karma picks up where Karma Visited left off and we have a chance to follow Annie and Dave's relationship. Most importantly, we see that Annie is learning more about her unusual ability, how to control it AND that she is NOT the only one with that ability. It's a thrilling ride as she must defend herself and others against another superior astral traveler.

The Karma Series

If you like reading series books, then you might like reading two more sets I've written.

Final Sin is a tense thriller about a serial murderer. It's also a passionate love story between free spirited Paramedic Julie Jennings and strong willed Deputy Sheriff Commander Jake Carson and the danger they are both placed in finding the murderer. If you like suspense, EMS and crime novels...

Hyphema follows Paramedic Matt Garratti, Julie Jennings former partner, and his wife Sudah, a Pakistani Muslim immigrant, as they move their small family to North Carolina when Matt decides to pursue his dream job as a flight medic. Matt unwittingly crosses paths with a killer who sets his sight on revenge, but the local authorities can't see beyond the prejudice surrounding Sudah's presence. It's another thriller which includes EMS and the current topics of immigration and prejudice.

The EMS Series
One of my earlier books from Vanilla Heart Publishing, His Lucky Charm, told a tale of espionage and danger. Brandon Price tries to win back Caitlyn Smythe, the woman he loves, but his work and a jealous, obsessed co-worker get in the way.

In Within the Law Tom Hughes, Caitlyn's cousin that we met in His Lucky Charm, has his story. After losing the woman he loved to violence he had given up hope of ever feeling that way again — then he meets Alli Davis, the lawyer defending his fiance's murderer.

The Cousins Series

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