Friday, September 24, 2010

I Am Featured in 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading, by The Authors Show!

Imagine my joy when I was told that I was
selected as one of the featured authors in the first ever
produced by The Authors Show
~Chelle Cordero

From The Authors Show Website

Hundreds of thousands of books are written and published every year. Each represents months, years - perhaps decades of arduous effort on the part of the author of that book. Though nearly all of these authors hope to achieve success, how that success is defined is specific to every individual writer.

"50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading" offers the stories of fifty such authors. As guests of The Authors Show, they have willingly bared their writer's souls to the world. Here you will find amazing stories of success and dismal tales of failure. You will hear narratives of dreams achieved and stories of hopes dashed. Above all you will hear, from the mouths of these writers, what it means to become a successful author.

Whether you are just starting down the path to becoming a published author or have been a writer for many years, you will find much of interest here. Though it may not appear to be so, the fifty people within were not chosen because they demonstrated extraordinary writing skill, used well crafted phrases or achieved phenomenal sales. Instead the people within were chosen for their ability to verbalize their deep love for their craft, for the inspirational ideas they offer and, in some cases, for the sheer determination that caused them to become one of
50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading.

50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading
Art Adkins
Greg Allen
Billy Arcement
Beatrice Toney Bailey
Shobhan Bantwal
Jef Benedetti
Michelle Bersell
Rowena Cherry
Vera Jane Cook
Glen Copple
Chelle Cordero
Sandy Cropsey
Dane Cunningham
Aisha Curry
Christy Tillery French
Gene Garrison
Dennis Gelbaum
Kenneth Golde
Madeleine Herrman
Jessica James
Ken Jensen
Carl Jenks
Chloe Jon Paul
Mark David Gerson
J. Y. Jones
Sandra Bell Kirchman
Michael Kleiner
Jeff Knott
Mabel Leo
Sandy Lo
Alex Marcoux
Nancy Mehagian
John Meacham
Erica Miner
Ric Morgan
Robert Mottram
Carmen Navarro Talavera
Darden North, MD
Derek Randel
Alice Rene
Mary Paulson
Steven Rigolosi
Michael Rushnak
Frank Say
Paula Davies Scimeca
Debra Solice
Lois Stern
Janet Smith Warfield
Linda S. Thompson
Patricia Weber
L. Diane Wolfe
Traci Hall

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


September is Library Card Sign-up Month
a time to remind everyone that a library card
is the smartest card of all.

It's September 22 - have you signed up for your library card yet?

Whether you're a student, parent, researcher, or just looking for entertainment and relaxation, a library card opens your world to a wealth of information. You can read many of the newest and hottest releases, local newspapers and magazines, and have access to some of the finest encyclopedia's and reference books at your local libraries.

If you live in the Ramapo-Catskill library area (New York's Rockland, Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties) then you can also read FOR FREE 5 of my novels - ask about inter-library loans if your individual library doesn't have the book on the shelf. The RCLS Library system has Bartlett's Rule, Forgotten, Within the Law, Final Sin and Courage of the Heart (CotH - original version).
Be sure to ask at YOUR local library if they carry my books - if they don't (!), ask them to order them. Many libraries welcome patron suggestions.

What?! You say you live too far from your library to make use of its resources? There's no such thing anymore. Many libraries across the country offer digital services as well. That's right, if you have access to the internet (you're reading this, aren't you?), then you can download digital media like Audio Books, EBooks, Music and Video. (Ahem, ALL of my novels are available as EBooks!).

Find out the services your public library offers and you'll find out just what a bargain the library can be!

Bartlett's Rule by Chelle Cordero
Bartlett's Rule shares the story of Lon and Paige's love affair; a romance filled with hardship, emotion, danger and triumph. Falling in love was never the challenge; being there for each other, knowing just what to say and making it work is the real test. Paige and Lon are real; they are human, they cry and they laugh. Paige has to learn to trust. Lon has to learn to be patient. (ISBN-13: 978-0979654534)
Forgotten by Chelle Cordero
Forgotten is an unforgettable romance about two people who meet by chance, love by choice and are torn apart by intrigue. Their romance survives a foreign threat to national security, kidnapping, personal tragedy and a murder attempt. (ISBN-13: 978-0979654572)
His Lucky Charm by Chelle Cordero
What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas... this time it follows Brandon and Caitlyn across the country and into a world of espionage and danger. The one thing that Brandon knows for sure is that he can't afford to lose his lucky charm, Caitlyn. (ISBN-13: 978-1935407577) *previously Forgotten
Final Sin by Chelle Cordero
Deputy Sherriff Commander Jake Carson has his hands full... investigation of a brutal multiple homicide, a troubled son and a vindictive ex-wife. He meets young, free-spirited paramedic Julie Jennings. When Julie becomes the subject of an obsession, it puts both of them in danger... (ISBN-13: 978-1935407133)
Within the Law by Chelle Cordero
Tom gave up on ever falling in love again the day that he buried his high school sweetheart and fiancé. He started a career in law enforcement just so that he could find her murderer and rapist. Just when he is about to see justice done, he meets Alli Davis-the defense attorney for the villain who took his love from him. (ISBN-13: 978-0982115046)
Courage of the Heart by Chelle Cordero
COURAGE OF THE HEART shows us that sometimes love is the only cure for the very deepest of emotional wounds. The story of the two lovers takes a series of unexpected and fast paced turns where lives, sanity and love are put in jeopardy. Their commitment to one another results in a spirit that binds them together and helps them to overcome physical and emotional dangers. (ISBN-13: 978-1935407188)
Common Bond, Tangled Hearts by Chelle Cordero
Layne Gillette’s world is turned upside down when a man she has never met shows up to lay claim as the father of her 6-year old son. When Layne’s abusive “ex-husband” shows up, they are torn apart by danger, kidnapping and lies. (ISBN-13: 978-1935407935)
Hostage Heart by Chelle Cordero
Life was hard after the hurricanes swept through, destroying her parents' home and livelihood... An errand for her boss - a chance encounter with a crew of bank robbers - a kind man who tried to help her ... a man who isn't all he, he is so much more. (ISBN-13: 978-1935407713)
A Chaunce of Riches by Chelle Cordero
Ben Johnson was hired as a bodyguard for a rich widow and her kid, but he never expected to be working for the woman who had abandoned him just when he had needed her the most. Damn it all, he still wanted her. Samantha Chaunce never thought she would have to explain why she married the rich man instead of Ben. Or that her husband had been murdered...and Ben was the prime suspect. (ISBN-13: 978-1935407263)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Remembering 9 years ago

Rockland County Residents

Janet M. Alonso 41 Stony Point NY
Calixto Anaya Jr. 35 Suffern NY
Japhet J. Aryee 49 Spring Valley NY
Richard E. Bosco 34 Suffern NY
Sgt. John Gerard Coughlin 43 Pomona NY
Welles Remy Crowther 24 Upper Nyack NY
John D' Allara 47 Pearl River NY
Bernard D. Favuzza 52 Suffern NY
Thomas Foley 32 West Nyack NY
Andrew Fredericks 40 Suffern NY
Robert Joseph Gschaar 55 Spring Valley NY
Dana Hannon 29 Suffern NY
Capt. Frederick Ill Jr. 49 Pearl River NY
Farah Jeudy 32 Spring Valley NY
Joseph Marchbanks Jr. 47 Nanuet NY
John Marshall 35 Congers NY
Patricia A. McAneney 50 Pomona NY
Robert Garvin McCarthy 33 Stony Point NY
Robert William McPadden 30 Pearl River NY
Luke G. Nee 44 Stony Point NY
Gerald O'Leary 34 Stony Point NY
David Ortiz 37 Nanuet NY
Lt. Vernon Allan Richard 53 Nanuet NY
Thomas G. Schoales 27 Stony Point NY
Mohammed Shajahan 41 Spring Valley NY
Gregory Sikorsky 34 Spring Valley NY
Catherine T. Smith 44 West Haverstraw NY
Robert W. Spear Jr. 30 Valley Cottage NY
Loretta A, Vero 51 Nanuet NY
Benjamin Walker 41 Suffern NY
Weibin Wang 41 Orangeburg NY
Steven Weinberg 41 New City NY
Capt. David T. Wooley 53 Nanuet NY

And remembering with gratitude all of the rescue workers who put their own health in jeopardy during the following bleak weeks and months of recovery.

In tribute to our warriors in the Armed Services and in Emergency Services who work to keep us safe.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not Alone - part 4 of 4

I am posting my short story NOT ALONE from the anthology FOREVER FRIENDS in 4 installments beginning Aug 22. (by the way, if you are impatient, sign up on my ChelleWrites Yahoo Group mail list and download it in its entirety)

read part 1 - 8/22

Not Alone - part 4 of 4

He slumped back in the couch and then he started to talk. He wasn’t looking at me. I had heard most of it before, but I needed to hear it again and I needed to hear it from his lips. Kimmie had gotten drunk and she was angry at her boyfriend for leaving with someone else. Jordan was trying to be nice, he was trying to make sure that she was taken care of. She was difficult to control in the car and she had gotten sick. Jordan had just handed her a bag to throw up in when he took his eyes from the road. Then that car appeared and never stopped.

Jordan was quiet for a long time. He had to clear his throat before he spoke again. “You’d better leave now. People won’t be too happy with you if they know you were here.”

“I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

“I do. I don’t want to ruin your life anymore than I already have.” He stood and put a hand out to me. “It means a lot to me that you came here today though. I want you to know that.

I took his hand and held onto it when I stood. “What are you going to do Jordan? You can’t hide in here forever. What about your classes? All those plans you had?”

He sighed. “I can’t think about that now …” He gently ushered me to the door. “I’m not going to fight Kimmie’s parents. I probably won’t be able to continue school after that anyway.”

When he closed the door behind me, I felt even more loss than I had before. My friend needed me but he wouldn’t accept my help.

I dragged myself to classes over the next few weeks. As far as I knew, Jordan dropped out of his. When I called him, he refused to talk. And he wouldn’t let me come over again. Listening to my classmates who knew Kimmie, I could tell that Jordan was right. People wouldn’t be very happy with me if they knew I was trying to help him. He was trying to protect me.

The school moved another student into the suite and into Kimmie’s room. She had just transferred from another school and she knew nothing about the girl who had slept in that room before her. And I resented her presence. That was always going to be Kimmie’s room and I wasn’t very nice to her. And I resented the fact that Jordan had pushed me away.

The next day I heard a few of the students talking in the library. They mentioned Jordan and the lawsuit. He had to appear in court … today. I ran back to my room and got changed. And then I caught a bus to take me into town and to the courthouse. I got to the lobby just before the doors were opened and people were going to be let in.

Jordan was standing there, alone. He looked sad. I could tell that he had lost weight since I saw him last. He didn’t hear me come up behind him and I slipped my hand into his.

He was startled as he looked at me, then he looked around the lobby. Jordan looked down at me. “People are going to hate you for being here.”

“You’re my friend Jordan. This is where I’m supposed to be.”

I didn’t feel so alone anymore.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Not Alone - part 3 of 4

I am posting my short story NOT ALONE from the anthology FOREVER FRIENDS in 4 installments beginning Aug 22. (by the way, if you are impatient, sign up on my ChelleWrites Yahoo Group mail list and download it in its entirety)

read part 1 - 8/22

Not Alone - part 3 of 4

Jordan looked unsure and then he just shrugged and allowed me to enter. He slowly closed the door behind us as I walked into his living room. I sat and he stood where he was. There was a photograph of the three of us lying on the coffee table. I picked up the picture; he came closer and looked like he was ready to snatch it back. But he didn’t. There were a series of indescribable emotions that flitted across his expressive eyes.

“How are you doing Jordan?”

“I’m still alive… I don’t know why, but I am.”

“Thank God.” I meant it.

He guffawed scornfully. “You don’t have to lie.”

“But I’m not, Jordan. I’m glad that you survived. It was hard enough to bury one friend…”

He sat heavily on the couch near me. “It should have been me.” Jordan looked directly at me, his eyes were moist. “I swear, I would give my life if it would bring her back. I would give my life if I thought it would just ease the pain for her parents and her friends. Trust me, I wish that I were dead.”

“Please don’t say that Jordan. We need you. I need you.” He simply shook his head sadly. “Tell me what happened?”

“I… I don’t really remember.” He looked haunted. “I can remember going to take Kimmie home. She drank too much and she got sick in the car. I glanced over at her. When I looked back again, a car was passing me and it pulled into my lane. I know that it caught my fender. I don’t remember what happened after that.”

I had heard that he told a police officer at the scene that he didn’t know what happened just before he passed out. “You were hurt, too. And everything happened so fast…”

He looked suspiciously at me. “Why are you so curious all of a sudden? Did her parents put you up to this?”

“Did her parents…?” I shook my head and was confused. “No, why would they?”

“Come on. Are you going to try telling me that you don’t know about the lawsuit?”

“What law suit?”

“Kimmie’s parents are suing me for wrongful death. They’re claiming that I killed their daughter.” He paused. “Actually I agree with them.” The police hadn’t filed criminal charges.

“It was an accident Jordan.”

“I figured she was too drunk to get herself home safely. I thought I could drive her home and she could sleep it off. But somehow I let that car get in my way.”

“You were trying to keep Kimmie safe. You did the right thing.”

“And I got her killed.” Jordan stood and paced. “What I don’t under-stand is why you’re here.”

“Jordan, you’re my friend too. Don’t you remember when I came to visit you in the hospital?” I never went back after that first day. “I was worried about you.”

He sat down next to me again and braced his arm against the back of the couch. Jordan leaned towards me. “So where were you since then?”

I couldn’t help it; the tears flowed. “I’m sorry Jordan. I had to think. I was angry that Kimmie was dead …”

“And you blamed me?”

“No … yes. I’m not sure.” I tried not to cry and I sniffled. “I didn’t know what to think. It’s only just beginning to sink in now. I woke up this morning and I really realized that she’s gone … but you aren’t. I … I didn’t want to lose you too.”

He was surprised by what I had just said.

“Jordan, tell me what happened that night. I need to hear.”