Monday, June 30, 2008

Forgotten - the plot

How would you feel if you woke up making love to someone claiming to be your spouse, only you have no idea who that person is? Worse, you have no idea who you are.

Coming this July from Vanilla Heart Publishing

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chelle's Site

Check out my new web blog on Xanga, Chelle's Site

I am looking for Guest Bloggers, read my Introduction for full details.

Wednesdays will be Women in Charge

Fridays will be Entertainment Reviews

Hope to be hearing from you soon.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why I wrote Bartlett's Rule

Every two and a half minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually

That is a terribly frightening statistic. Dispel other misconceptions, rape happens more often than just the back alley stranger with a weapon. According to statistics, 73% of rape victims know their assailant, often there is no weapon used other than fear and force, many sexual crimes are not reported, and sexual assault and rape can happen to all ethnic groups, to women AND men, all ages and all economic stations.

Whether you realize it or not, it is more than likely that you personally know at least one survivor of sexual assault.

Rape and sexual assault are traumas which leave lasting effects, it never goes away. The act will forever have an effect on the survivor’s life and on those around her/him. Living through the assault or rape and finding a way to live life afterwards is what makes a survivor; not letting the assailant steal more from your life is one of the bravest acts a survivor can accomplish.

I am a romantic at heart, but also a realist – I know that it takes work, A LOT of work, to make a relationship strong. Every couple will be faced with challenges, sometimes those obstacles seem too great to cope with. Catering to my idealistic and romantic streak, I wanted to create a couple that is able to face and ultimately conquer a more than simple obstacle. This creation led to Lon, with his image imposed expectations, and Paige, with a troubled past and determination.

Once I developed my main characters, the words to my story seemed to flow and sometimes I even surprised myself with the twists that just seemed to develop. Lon and Paige really wrote their own story, I only threw in a few extra characters and helped keep them on track. Shortly after I finished my story, a friend told me about a new publisher and I decided to take a chance and send a query letter.

Inspiration will strike at the least expected times, looking out the car window as my husband conquers city streets, newspaper articles, my own adolescent diary, and people-watching but not necessarily listening. I always play “What if?” and I always manage to come up with many, MANY possibilities.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Hero - Lon Bartlett of Bartlett's Rule

A while back I had received questions about Lon, the hero of Bartlett's Rule (I know Paige just adores him!). Here is the basic gist of that interview:

Does his name mean anything special?
I always look up names (usually under baby names) for their meanings. In this case “Lon” means “ready to do battle”; the name Lon also reminds me of a Lion (without the “I” of course!). The Bartlett surname appears many times throughout history (politicians, publishers, racecar drivers, sports figures, philosophers and writers) and is also used for a collection of quotations. Besides, the title Bartlett’s Rule just seems to roll off of the tongue comfortably.

What does Lon look like:
I picture Lon as a big (maybe about 6 foot to 6’2”) man and yet graceful. More to do with image and less to do with vanity, I picture him working out and keeping trim and fit. Because of his public image, he probably has his hair professionally styled and his clothing personally tailored. All in all, he is very comfortable “in his own skin”. He definitely is the type of man who would attract stares from most women.

Who does he love?
Lon loves women generally. His romantic love interest is Paige Andrews. In the beginning he believes his love for Paige stems more from a need to protect her but then he comes to realize that he admires her strength and appreciates how she makes him feel. He also has a very deep and friendly love for his publicist, Shell, who once was a romantic liaison and now is simply his best friend.

Does Paige return his love?
Paige loves him even though her love and need for him scares her. He is so opposite of the type of man she thought she should be involved with. She definitely worries about his reputation and whether he would hurt her or not.

What is some of Lon's "history" before the story begins?
While his family is only mentioned in the story, it is obvious that his closeness with his parents and the way he was raised is a big reason for the self-confidence he has. He's chosen to live in the very urban and bustling New York City. He is an award winning writer with a reputation as a womanizer.

What does he want out of life?
He wants Paige in his life. Lon also wants something more than the shallow relationships that have helped to promote his image.

Does Lon have any great "revelations" about himself during the story?
Lon learns that he is capable of doing anything necessary to protect the ones he loves.

Will there be any more stories about Lon?
No, Lon and Paige go off to live happily ever after; there is no need to feature him in another story. BUT... he may appear as a character in someone else's story at some point. Some of the characters that appeared in the story may take on more of a life of their own. Who knows? Maybe I will see an opportunity for Shell, Jorge, JeanMarie, Cindy or Denny to begin a romance???

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Links to buy my books

I was asked to provide a current link to purchase my first novel, Courage of the Heart. This novel, as far as I know, is only available online and the best place to order it is from;

And you can order Bartlett's Rule direct from the publisher at or from Barnesand or Some independent bookstores are also carrying the book on their shelves. Any Barnes and Noble bookstore can order it in for you as well.

Forgotten will be published in July and will be available through The Vanilla Heart Bookstore

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fumbling With Fiction - Writer of the Day

Check out the Fumbling With Fiction blog where I am Writer of the Day!

Here is Chandler's intro:

"Hi, all. Chelle Cordero, the author of BARTLETT'S RULE and FORGOTTEN has agreed to come on and speak to us about promoting your book and yourself as an author. Very important lessons for any new author regardless of whether you are at a major publishing house or a small, indie press like Chelle.

Plus, I think small presses are awesome, so I can't wait to hear her perspective!"

You can leave comments or questions for me at the Fumbling With Fiction site - please let me know what you think.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Barnes & Noble in Nanuet, Newburgh & Kingston NY

Here's your chance to both buy a great book BARTLETT'S RULE and help out a terrific cause, the Ramapo Catskill Library System...

RCLS has scheduled a Barnes & Noble voucher bookfair fundraiser to benefit the Summer Reading Program.

The fundraiser will be at the Barnes & Noble stores located at:
􀁹 1245 Route 300, Newburgh, NY
􀁹 140 Rockland Plaza, Nanuet, NY
􀁹 1177 Ulster Avenue, Kingston, NY

The event will be held on Friday, June 13; Saturday, June 14 and Sunday, June 15, 9 a.m. until 11 p.m.

During this period a percentage of the price of items purchased with a bookfair voucher will be donated to RCLS. For copies of the vouchers go here - scroll to page 2.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will be used towards the RCLS Library Summer Reading Program.

So, go to your local Barnes & Noble in Nanuet, Newburgh or Kingston and pick up a copy of BARTLETT'S RULE by Chelle Cordero (if they don't have it on the store shelves, they can order it in for you) and use this voucher when you pay.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FORGOTTEN locations

Just a little bit of trivia about the locations used in my newest novel (coming out in July), FORGOTTEN...

Chicago - This is where Brandon grew up, he never returned there after he left home for college. (personal: I spent many holiday weekends visiting my dad's mother and step-father just outside of Chicago as a child.)

Las Vegas - The book opens in a hotel room in Las Vegas. (personal: I've never been to Las Vegas.)

New York City - Caitlyn and Brandon meet in NYC where they both reside, neither one of them is a native New York City-ite. (personal: I grew up in "da Bronx" and went to high school and college in Manhattan. My first real job was in the public relations office of a magazine publishing company in NYC.)

Tupper Lake - Quaint small town located in the Adirondack region in upstate New York. This is where Caitlyn grew up. (personal: The Adirondacks are one of my very favorite places with a lot of my own romantic memories with my hubby the summer we got engaged. Later, hubby had family who owned a house in Tupper and we visited frequently.)

by Chelle Cordero
July 14th, 2008

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Converting that extra bedroom into a home office = $997.63
Desktop computer with word processing program = $1499.00
Office supplies including inkjet paper & mailing supplies = $87.59

Seeing your book get published - Priceless!

Bartlett's Rule
coming in July - Forgotten