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Hi. Many of you know me as an author of romantic suspense novels, or perhaps you know me as a freelance journalist authoring several how-to and informational articles in newspapers and magazines. Today I want to introduce myself as Mark's Wife...

Last December 2016 my wonderful husband of (by that date) almost 41-years had a stroke. Thank
G-d he survived. This past year has been a definite education for us, for our offspring, and our dear extended family. We have had to navigate our way through stroke recovery, therapy, insurance, disability, finances, and the "new normal". Each one of us has changed dramatically over the past year.

Please visit Life Goes On, The Caregiver a site I use to share things I've learned — this is NOT professional legal or medical advice, but I will try my best to point you to resources where you can get help. Much of the information I will share will apply to many of life's changes, not all traumatic, and will hopefully help guide you through your journey.

Thank you for joining me.
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What is a Stroke?

Blood Flow Blocked in the Brain
courtesy of American Heart Association
A person can suffer a stroke when blood flow and oxygen are cut-off, cells can die and depending on the area, time and amount of the brain affected will determine the extent of disability. A STROKE is a life-or-death situation and needs immediate medical attention. Call 911!

Common terms to know:
Ischemic Stroke ~ The arteries to the brain become blocked and/or narrowed cutting off blood flow.
Hemorrhagic Stroke ~ The arteries to the brain can rupture and bleed.
Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) ~ This is a TEMPORARY interruption of blood flow to the brain.

Common Signs & Symptoms CAN include
***Sudden numbness to the extremities, often affecting one side of the body.
***Sudden confusion and difficulty speaking.
***Difficulty walking and/or staying balanced.
***Sudden severe headache.

F.A.S.T. FACE, Ask the person to smile, is there facial droop?
ARMS, Can he raise his arms with no downward drift?
SPEECH, Are his words slurred?
TIME, Note the time of the first symptom and call 911 immediately.

for more information

The American Stroke Association ~ reducing disability and death from stroke

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