Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Did you catch my blog on short stories?

I recently blogged on Lindsay's Romantics about writing the short story - I hope you go by and leave a comment

From Long Winded to Short Story

By the way, be sure to check out the link to Passionate Hearts in this blog - the publisher, Vanilla Heart Publishing, is reviewing submissions until August 17 - romantic short stories (see the link for full details)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary 1RomanceEbooks

Thank you for visiting my author blog, the 8th stop on the 1RomanceEbooks.com one year anniversary blog tour! Your last stop should have been erotic romance author Marilyn Lee at http://marilynlee.blogspot.com/. Please read through to the end to learn how you can win prizes just for following (and commenting) on posts during this blog tour.

I am a writer. When folks ask me what I write I usually respond “anything someone will buy” – I get mixed reactions. Most often I am greeted with a chuckle and “no really, what do you write?”

I tell people that I have two writing lives, both under the name Chelle Cordero. I’ve been writing newspaper and magazine articles for decades: business profiles, human interest, advertorial, opinion pieces, and I’ve covered community events and such. About the point that I have nearly lost their interest, I let them know that I also have several novels (romantic suspense and murder mystery) – that’s when their eyes tend to light up.

While my passion is fiction, I really do enjoy all of my writing. I am one of those lucky few who has a true dream job – if I never retire, I have a job I will always love doing. I still get a thrill when I see my name on the spine of a book or as a byline in a newspaper or magazine.

I am amused by the variety of reactions I get about the different writing that I do… regarding romantic fiction, “Oh I never read that stuff”; articles in the local newspaper, “Wouldn’t you rather write a book?”; if I mention ad copy I’ve been told “oh so you don’t really write”; and when I mention small press publisher Vanilla Heart Publishing, there are those that snub their noses because it’s not one of the bigger NY houses.

Too many people are stymied by the reactions they get from others. I’ve conducted several writing workshops and at almost each one I hear comments from new writers that they are frightened by the possible reactions of the people around them. Sometimes this fear is enough to keep them from fulfilling their dreams. I understand their vulnerability, but I’m also frustrated by the fear that prevents them from writing.

If you want to write ( or sing, draw, or paint) don’t let anyone stop you. Write because you love using words, write because you want to make people think, believe, and even live vicariously. Writers and artists expose themselves with every piece of work – but it’s worth it for that one byline, just one acknowledgment of your creativity. You will never find that everyone becomes a fan so don’t be paralyzed by a negative reaction.

Just write – and tomorrow, write again.


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