Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Hero - Lon Bartlett of Bartlett's Rule

A while back I had received questions about Lon, the hero of Bartlett's Rule (I know Paige just adores him!). Here is the basic gist of that interview:

Does his name mean anything special?
I always look up names (usually under baby names) for their meanings. In this case “Lon” means “ready to do battle”; the name Lon also reminds me of a Lion (without the “I” of course!). The Bartlett surname appears many times throughout history (politicians, publishers, racecar drivers, sports figures, philosophers and writers) and is also used for a collection of quotations. Besides, the title Bartlett’s Rule just seems to roll off of the tongue comfortably.

What does Lon look like:
I picture Lon as a big (maybe about 6 foot to 6’2”) man and yet graceful. More to do with image and less to do with vanity, I picture him working out and keeping trim and fit. Because of his public image, he probably has his hair professionally styled and his clothing personally tailored. All in all, he is very comfortable “in his own skin”. He definitely is the type of man who would attract stares from most women.

Who does he love?
Lon loves women generally. His romantic love interest is Paige Andrews. In the beginning he believes his love for Paige stems more from a need to protect her but then he comes to realize that he admires her strength and appreciates how she makes him feel. He also has a very deep and friendly love for his publicist, Shell, who once was a romantic liaison and now is simply his best friend.

Does Paige return his love?
Paige loves him even though her love and need for him scares her. He is so opposite of the type of man she thought she should be involved with. She definitely worries about his reputation and whether he would hurt her or not.

What is some of Lon's "history" before the story begins?
While his family is only mentioned in the story, it is obvious that his closeness with his parents and the way he was raised is a big reason for the self-confidence he has. He's chosen to live in the very urban and bustling New York City. He is an award winning writer with a reputation as a womanizer.

What does he want out of life?
He wants Paige in his life. Lon also wants something more than the shallow relationships that have helped to promote his image.

Does Lon have any great "revelations" about himself during the story?
Lon learns that he is capable of doing anything necessary to protect the ones he loves.

Will there be any more stories about Lon?
No, Lon and Paige go off to live happily ever after; there is no need to feature him in another story. BUT... he may appear as a character in someone else's story at some point. Some of the characters that appeared in the story may take on more of a life of their own. Who knows? Maybe I will see an opportunity for Shell, Jorge, JeanMarie, Cindy or Denny to begin a romance???

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