Sunday, September 14, 2008

Online Book Discussion - Bartlett's Rule

Last Sunday we enjoyed a very lively book discussion at Origin Books, Art & Coffee in the Nanuet Mall about Bartlett's Rule.

Among the topics we discussed was Hal's death (I am sure that EVERYONE has read this book by now - if not, skip ahead to learn how you can get your own copy (print or e-book)...

Be advised - if you HAVEN'T read Bartlett's Rule yet, this will be a spoiler: (skip ahead to after the picture of the book)

There was a lot of discussion about Hal's death - Did Lon kill him or was it an accident? Did/should Lon feel guilty? Did/should Paige blame Lon? How do YOU feel about Hal's death? Do you feel literary justice was better served by his death or would have been better served by arrest?

Please weigh in on this topic - leave your answers below under "Comments".

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Anonymous said...

Nice post..! I will certainly shop at Amazon and get the book.

Chelle Cordero said...

Great! and I would like to hear your thoughts after.