Monday, September 22, 2008

A year in the life of this writer...

September 22nd is an important date as it marks the 100 day countdown of 2008.

So many good things have happened in 2008 as far as my writing goes - I made a wonderful connection with Vanilla Heart Publishing and had my novels Bartlett's Rule and Forgotten published.

I've had the excitement of online interviews, meeting reporters, store book signings and blog talk radio interviews. I've spent hours on the phone with Kimberlee (VHP Managing Editor) brainstorming innovative marketing and promotion methods for my books - Thank goodness for nationwide calling plans!

I have made a lot of terrific friendships and contacts with other writers like Namid, Karen Harrington, Sophia Dembling, Smoky Trudeau, Ryan Callaway, Mary Quast, Malcolm Cambell, Jackie, Zulmara, Esmaa and the complete line of VHP Authors. ...and I know I haven't listed everyone! And I don't have room to list all of the new and re-connected friendships I have made courtesy of MySpace and Facebook.

In addition to the hard print copies of my books, VHP also decided to release them in E-Book versions - get your Bartlett's Rule or Forgotten E-Book now and save shipping and handling, get it immediately and read it at your leisure - you can even resize the print on your computer screen!

So 2008 has been a wonderfully productive year for me - and there are 100 more fantastic days to celebrate. By November, my next romance novel will be available, Within the Law. And I have a few author appearances and book signings scheduled, look for me at the West Nyack NY Barnes & Noble (Palisades Center Mall) on Tuesday October 14 and at Rose Memorial Library in Stony Point NY on Wednesday October 15. There's lots more to come!


Karen Harrington said...

Hi Chelle,

It's been my privilege to become your writing friend this year, too! You are such a hardworker and an inspiration.



Sophie said...

Ditto! To both of you! You make me feel like a slacker.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chelle,
I found your blog on Absolute Write's Water Cooler blog list. Congratulations on your books! I was interested to learn about VHP in WA state (that's where I live, but hadn't heard of them). I'm just about to have my first novel published, Cowgirl Dreams, and I'm very excited and a bit scared too! I'd love to talk to you about your marketing efforts.


Chelle Cordero said...

anytime Heidi, just give me a shout at