Monday, July 13, 2009

Another chance to win a FREE E-Book

Yes, you read it right - you have a chance to
WIN a FREE E-Book!

Simply match the couples correctly (hint: there are five books, 5 couples) Leave your answers in the comments below (for example 1:A, 2:D, 3B and so forth - and NO, those are NOT the answers, LOL)

On Friday I will pick one name from all of the CORRECT entries (or a tie with the most correct responses) for a chance to win a FREE .pdf format E-Book of your choosing from my 5 novels. (If you can't comment below, send me an email at with Couples Contest in the subject line)

~~~~~~~~ Women ~~~~~~~ Men
~~~~~ 1: Julie Jennings ~~~~~ A: Adam Sherman
~~~~~ 2: Paige Andrews ~~~~~ B: Tom Hughes
~~~~~ 3: Caitlyn Smythe ~~~~~ C: Lon Bartlett
~~~~~ 4: Alli Davis ~~~~~ D: Jake Carlson
~~~~~ 5: Davie Prescott ~~~~~ E: Brandon Price

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And here is another GREAT opportunity to get a FREE E-Book
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1 comment:

Jean R said...

1-d, 2 - c, 3- E, 4- b, 5-a

good to see your blog, Chelle