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another "teaser" (excerpt) from Hostage Heart

Hostage Heart (print) (Kindle)

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He pulled his T-shirt off. “Touch me Deanna. Make me as much yours as I want you to be mine.”

She timidly, inquisitively touched his broad shoulders. Her fingers trailed down his chest and she lightly stroked a male nipple. Ryan drew in a breath as she began her exploration.

He stood and unzipped his jeans letting them fall to the floor. She traced the thin dusting of hair that disappeared under the waistband of his boxers. “I want you to see me. Touch me. Is that okay?”

She nodded. He removed his boxers and stood naked before her. He was fully aroused and thrusting. Hesitantly, Deanna took the length of him in her hand. Patiently he stood still while she touched and investigated his body.

“May I undress you?” Ryan surprised even himself with the amount of control he was managing.

Deanna lifted her arms and allowed him to remove the T-shirt. He knelt before her and used his tongue to tease her nipples. He kissed the fullness of her breasts and held her in his arms.

She enjoyed the feel of his tongue. “That feels so good.” Sensations were beginning to erupt from the pit of her belly.

He smiled against her chest. “Please stand up.” When she stood, he gently pulled down the shorts she wore. Still kneeling in front of her, he kissed the triangle of curls and stroked her with his hands.

“Oh Ryan...” Her knees felt weak from his kisses. She put her hands on his shoulders and allowed herself to give way to his ministrations. He felt her shudder as she clutched at his shoulders. Lowering her to the bed, Ryan kissed his way back up her body. He paused to drink deeply from her rosy nipples.

Deanna was panting as she tried to regain control. This was nothing like before. Before she had wanted him for curiosity. This time, she was beginning to feel an ache between her legs that only he could soothe. He continued to kiss and stroke her until she was nearly ready to beg.

Ryan knew this time she was so much more ready for him than before. He was still gentle as he entered her, holding back as much as he could. There was no pain, he was sure of that, only her wide-eyed response as she wrapped herself around his fullness.

When Ryan began to move, so did Deanna. He was able to wait until he felt her tighten around him and saw the fire in her eyes before he allowed his own release. He held her close to him and felt their hearts pounding.

“Better?” He whispered gently.

“Oh yes.” She was still breathless.

Ryan waited as long as he could until he no longer had a choice before he withdrew. He held her to his side. “That’s how making love is supposed to be. I’m sorry this wasn’t your first time.” He swallowed. “That’s how I wish I had done it the first time.”

She was quiet as she lay next to him. Her fingers toyed with his muscled chest.

“Come back with me, Ryan. Turn yourself in. It’s got to be easier than always running and hiding. You’re better than this.” She waited through his silence. “Please Ryan. Please do the right thing... for you.”

He squeezed his eyes and exhaled slowly. “No Deanna, this is me. This is my life.”

“If the police capture you, they are going to put you in jail for a long time.”

“They won’t capture me.”

She sat up next to him. “Ryan, if you come back with me and turn yourself in, I’ll tell them that you didn’t kidnap me. I’ll tell them you protected me and saved me. I’ll help you as much as I can. Even if you have some jail time, they’ll go much easier on you.”

“No.” He felt a hole in his heart. “I know that you are trying to help me, but don’t. I am going to get you out of here. And then I am never going to see you again.”

“No Ryan, you could if you wanted. Not because of what we just did. I know there was no commitment. You could choose someone else... or I could. But I can feel there is so much good in you. You’re a good man.”

He wished he had the time to see where things could go. He wanted to get to know her better, maybe even to build a relationship with her. “Deanna, trust me, I am not getting out...”

“You could.”

“No. Deanna, I expect to die here.”

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