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Forever Travels - available now at discount!

Forever Travels

Forever Travels
Forever Travels is a collection of stories written by a group of writers from around the globe. These travellers' tales cross five continents: Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australasia ... and beyond. Thirty-one stories of fun and laughter, adventure and discovery, family and friends, love ... and lust.
Compiled and edited by Shelagh Watkins

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Featuring the short story STORMY WEATHER
by Chelle Cordero


The sun felt like it was burning into her skin. Even SPF-25 didn’t stand up to the wind burn.

It was just too easy to be lazy and lie there on the towel. The wind was kicking up and she felt grains of sand skitter across her skin ever now and then. She wasn’t alone, there were a few diehards still on the beach. The running feet kicked up clumps of sand finally annoyed her enough to sit up and dust herself off.

“Surfers,” she mumbled and shook her head. Storms always brought them out. The wind kicked up the surf and the waves swelled. Debbie was compelled to watch two figures riding a huge crest and cringed when she saw one tumble into the crashing foam, his board flying in after him.

Groaning, she finally stood and brushed some of the sand from her arms. Debbie walked to the water’s edge and was amazed to realize how much closer it was to the towel she was lying on than when she first picked out a spot. At least she would get her feet wet before she packed up her belongings and trudged back to the hotel.

She was standing in ankle deep water when a wave crashed into her at chest height. She was knocked off balance and wound up sitting in the wet sand as the water threatened to pull her in. The salty water passed her lips and she sputtered and tried to catch her breath.

“You okay?” A bronze god squatted beside her. His hand rested on her back to support her in case she actually collapsed.

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