Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ssh, Kitty Power Rules! (we took control of mom's blog)

Hi there, my name is Tigger, my mom is the author of Karma Visited.
Karma Visited is a paranormal suspense story by Chelle Cordero and published by Vanilla Heart Publishing; it will be out in mid-September, right after the "dog days" of summer...

My brothers (Mario & Luigi) and I were real excited to meet one of the characters from Karma Visited. Mom gave a character in one of her other books a childhood pet that still lived in her childhood home with her dad. But this is the first time that she gave a feline a real part in her book.

Anyway, we want to introduce Mauszer
                        ...and without further meowing

Tigger: Hi Mauszer, can you tell our readers what role you play in Karma Visited.

Mauszer: I live with Undersheriff Dave Turner. We met when I was house sitting at the house that he rented. Now he feeds me so that I take care of the house and watch it while he goes off to work everyday.

Mario: Ooh, ooh, what kind of food does he feed you? What do you do with the leftovers? Maybe I could come over and have dinner with you one day?

Tigger: Hey Mario, don't be a mooch.

Mauszer: Oh that's okay Tiggs. The food is pretty simple, Mario, canned stuff. Dave is a pretty simple guy, no gourmet stuff for either of us.

Luigi: Hey, can I ask a question? Please... Mauszer, what is Dave like as an owner? Does he pet you a lot? Does he play with you? What's it like? What's it like?

Mauszer: Luigi, Dave doesn't own me, we're really just roommates. We respect each other's space for the most part, but yeah, we have our moments when we just like to be together. 

Tigger: How does it feel to be the hero's side-kick?

Mauszer: I don't really look at it like being a side-kick, I feel really crucial to the story, sort of like Tonto to the Lone Ranger... and if you saw the movie then you know how Johnny "Tonto" Depp really WAS the movie.

Tigger: How do you feel about Annie?

Mauszer: She's okay. I'm willing to share my human with her so long as she accepts that I was here first. Dave seems happy when he gets to be with her... of course she's got to really be here. This holographic stuff really freaks me out.

Luigi: What did you think of Rose? I didn't like her. She;s not a nice lady. What did you think of her Mauszer?

Mauszer: I only met Dave's ex-wife one time. She really wasn't nice to me at all. She came to my home, uninvited, and really acted like she belonged there. I didn't like her and I don't think Dave wants her around either.

Tigger: Do you ever get to help Dave with his work?

Mauszer: Well I don't get to go to his office with him, but sometimes he does bring work home. And when he's sitting in his chair reading files, I let him use me like a sounding board and let him talk thinks out. And when he gets all moody because a case isn't going well I bump into him and make him pet me... you know of course that petting a pussycat can lower your blood pressure? Anyway, I try to help keep him focused.

Tigger: There's another cat that appears in the story, Whiskas? Did you get to meet him? Whiskas is named for another Whiskas who is actually our older brother, he passed away before we came home with mom and dad...

Mario: But I think he visits us every so often and tells us fun things we can do.

Mauszer: Whiskas is a real nice cat. He plays the part of a cat who survives a tornado with his human, a little girl who seems to have lost everything except for him. It's really very emotional, but I am so glad that they have each other.

Tigger: Mauszer, I think I hear my mom coming down the hall so we really have to go. Thanks so much for taking the time to meow-chat with us today.

Mauszer: It was my pleasure.

Mario: We can't wait 'til Karma Visited is available in September. People are really going to enjoy getting to know you and everybody else.

Luigi: Yeah. I really hope you'll be our friend. I like you.

Tigger: Uh-oh, mom's here. Maybe we'll get to do this again sometime...
Tigger, Mario & Luigi: Bye all!
Mario  ~  Luigi  ~  Tigger


Marilyn said...

My black cat, Cleo, loves to "help" me write. She follows the cursor from her vantage point of my lap. When I step away for a minute,though, she "writes" by walking on the keyboard, knowing full well her mother will be irate. She doesn't even pretend to look "sorry."
She probably thinks her writing is better than mine. '
(Maybe it is...)

Malcolm R. Campbell said...

Looks like fun. Great interview for those of us who have cats in the house.


Chelle Cordero said...

Hi Marilyn, Tigger likes to send my emails for me, problem is that he doesn't always wait for me to finish the mail before he paws the keyboard and sends it.

Hi Malcolm, I am always amazed by the obvious personalities of our feline friends.

Thank you both for coming by.