Monday, September 9, 2013

Who would I want to play Lon Bartlett?

In a blog post I wrote in May 2008, right after my novel Bartlett's Rule was released, I answered the following question that a reader sent to me:

Q: What “hot sexy actor” would play your hero in Bartlett’s Rule? How about your heroine?
A: Lon Bartlett would be played by David Conrad (the hunky paramedic husband in Ghost Whisperer). Paige Andrews would be either Liv Tyler or Neve Campbell.

I still think David Conrad is sexy, but in 2009 the TV show Castle aired and the title character Rick Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, totally won my heart. Ironically Castle's character, like Lon Bartlett, is a writer, and also like Lon, Rick Castle is a bit of a charming rogue.

So I am revising my answer above - if I were able to cast Bartlett's Rule for a made-for-TV movie, I would definitely choose Nathan Fillion.

What do YOU think?

Bartlett's Rule    by Chelle Cordero
Bartlett's Rule shares the story of Lon and Paige's love affair; a romance filled with hardship, emotion, danger and triumph. Falling in love was never the challenge; being there for each other, knowing just what to say and making it work is the real test. Paige and Lon are real; they are human, they cry and they laugh. Paige has to learn to trust. Lon has to learn to be patient.

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