Monday, April 4, 2016

You're so vain - NOT ~ #MondayBlogs

I hate to drive. There, I said it. I can and I have, but as far as I am concerned driving is an evil necessity when you live in Suburbia. I am lucky because hubby usually doesn’t mind being the main driver in the family (besides I have a lousy sense of direction, thank goodness for GPS), but that means I am relegated to his busy schedule.
I made plans to attend an event down by my sister’s place and he isn’t available to take me. So I decided to be a big girl and take care of my own transportation. I looked up the directions on line and noticed the options… car or mass transit. Woo-hoo, maybe I wouldn’t have to drive after all! (and I LOVE train rides)
Sweet daughter, after offering to go out of her way and drive me all the way down there (an hour and a half!) just to turn around to come home to tend to her own obligations, finally consented to “go over” my transportation plans with me. She made me promise to call her along the way if there were any problems.
We reviewed the train I get on and where I make the transfer. LOL, not sounding much like a big girl yet (she travels fearlessly wherever); I asked where I pay for my ticket and mentioned the price I had seen. Not only was it convenient, it was actually economical.
She paused and then said, “Uh, mom, are you interested in the senior discount, I mean do you mind?”
“There’s a senior discount?” I asked wondering how much more appealing this trip could sound.
She gave me the price, about HALF of what I thought it would be. Heck, I am not too vain, I am a proud card carrying member of AARP. So I am taking my little round-trip, carrying an overnight bag, and looking forward to the visit.
…finally acting like a big girl!

By the way, by the time this posts on Monday, the event will have been yesterday: if you don’t hear from me this week, I probably got lost…

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