Monday, May 30, 2016

The Ability to Multi-task ~ #MondayBlogs

Like many of us I need more hours every day… and a few more days in a week wouldn’t hurt either. Somehow I don’t think the days are going to get longer. With my luck those extra days wouldn’t be weekend days and then everyone would just be mad at me for having to work more days between breaks. I probably wouldn’t win.

The only solution left is doing more than one thing at a time, I believe that that productive and busy people call that multi-tasking; I call it a desperate act of the seriously overburdened. I type while I juggle phone calls, read while I cook, and return emails from my smart phone while I move from room to room. I don’t have time to sit in one place for very long being idle.

While I adore working from a home office and never having to deal with a messy commute, I also envy those folks who have on-site office hours away from casual phone calls, door-to-door solicitors, and home/family chores. I am fairly disciplined and manage to meet my deadlines, but sometimes it is a struggle to get the respect of others for my time. I already let MOST phone calls go to voicemail and explain to others that I am on deadline and can’t speak…

The truth is that life gets in the way of schedules. Urgent phone calls, unexpected visitors, last minute assignments and our own sometimes inability to concentrate will force us to adjust everything we had planned. There are a few proverbs and other sayings with a similar message, but my personal favorite is from Michael Chabon, “Man makes plans . . . and G-d laughs.”

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