Monday, August 15, 2016

I Waited Long Enough to Be An Adult! ~ #MondayBlogs

There are obviously people who believe they can dictate what appropriate ages are for women to stop doing certain things! Popular talk show “The Talk” hosts discussed one such list the other day commenting that, according to the author, women should not be on FaceBook, take selfies, wear skinny jeans, etc., by specific ages. One published list by U.K.’s Daily Mail columnist William Hanson includes texting, having long hair, wearing leggings, using hair products, being in a bikini, visiting a nightclub and staying out past midnight.

While I admit there are some women who should never wear a bikini (I readily admit to being one of those), how is there an “age” where it is or is not permitted? Oh, excuse me, Mr. Hanson states that doing some of these activities past specific ages “becomes embarrassing”. Personally my feeling — who the heck is Mr. Hanson to tell me what I can or cannot do at my age? I think he’s a bit stuffy and dictatorial.

Yes, we should all use common sense, look at ourselves in a mirror (honestly) and perhaps ask a trusted friend how we look but if a woman has a nicely toned bod, why shouldn’t she wear skinny jeans if she feels comfortable in them? As for using FaceBook, the most common age demographic is 25 to 34 (about 29%) for both male and female, but there are more than six-hundred-thousand LIKES on the Woman After 50 FaceBook page.

Posting a selfie now and then provides an opportunity for some to make a statement about themselves, kind of this is who I am. Posting a selfie showing us doing something we are proud of like a sport, a charitable event, with friends, or showing kindness to our pets, can help give us an ego boost similar to patting our own backs. Is there an age where we are no longer entitled or in need of boosting our self-value. And texting, so long as it is not done incessantly and certainly not while driving, is a quick and harmless form of communication in a very busy world.

Surprisingly not all of these “Do not do, do not wear, do not have fun” articles are written by men or I would have automatically assumed there was some of that controlling misogamy going on, although maybe there is… you know the kind of people who rate women as a 2, 6, or 10. And there are even a FEW articles limiting what a man of a certain age should not be allowed to do, however the ones I read deal more with behavior than with appearance (hmmm, a bit of double standard?).

I figure at my age I really am not as worried about what others think of me; I worry what I think of me. In my 60s my priorities are my family, my pets, my home, my career, myself and most importantly enjoying every day that I wake up breathing. On FaceBook, yes I am guilty of participating in social media, there are several humorous memes saying things like Act how you want and blame it on a senior moment. Amusing but still a valid piece of advice.

I did find a few NICE lists telling us what women shouldn’t do after specific ages, one such article is The 3 Things Middle-Aged Women Need To Stop Doing When Speaking In Public and includes the following advice: 1. Stop apologizing for your lack of technological skills or social media skills; 2. Stop apologizing for the way you look; and 3. Stop comparing your place in your path to someone else’s place on their path. Another positive article 24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear offers one repeated and welcome piece of advice in response to that question: Whatever the f#*% they want.

In my opinion I’ve been doing that ADULT thing for a while now, I am entitled to LIVE even if it might be embarrassing to the critical Mr. Hanson.


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