Saturday, May 12, 2018

What is a MOM?

In the literal sense a MOM (Mother) is a female parent, traditionally it is assumed she is the woman who gave birth to a child although she may also have adopted a child. A mother shows maternal tenderness or affection to her child, she nurtures and helps care for a young human being to bring him/her into adulthood.

I would say it’s much more than that. There are blended families and step-moms, there are godmothers, aunts, grandmothers, and even sometimes older sisters who helped to raise a child. All of these roles can also nurture, show affection and tenderness, and all can raise a child.

In today’s world there are also some men who can and do raise children nurturing them, holding them and showing them tenderness, Single Dads. Same-sex couples. Two Moms, two Dads, it could be only one… EITHER one.

As a matter of fact card-producer Hallmark has put out cards that say Happy Mother’s Day, Dad and Happy Father’s Day, Mom. Gender and roles are not nearly as specific anymore. Several years ago artist Marshall Davis Jones introduced an expressive poem called I Spell Father M-O-T-H-E-R.  

A few more observations about Moms, I object to the idea that they are only involved in raising their children into adulthood. Yes, Mothers have to learn that their children be on their own when they become adults, begin jobs, and married; if they did a good job guiding them through adolescent and teens, they are probably pretty capable of living productive lives on their own. Still a Mom’s love never ends no matter what age their child is.

Finally let’s not discount Moms who care for and LOVE cats, dogs and other companion animals. There may be a difference between human and animal children, no one pretends otherwise, but there is still true love, concern, and nurturing — and that spells MOM in my book.

Sending you Happy Mother’s Day wishes to all Nurturers from the Moms and others in my books. With love from Sudah (Hyphema), Deanna (Hostage Heart), Davie (Courage of the Heart), Alli (Within the Law), Sam (A Chaunce of Riches), Layne (Common Bond, Tangled Hearts), and, of course, ME.

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