Sunday, August 29, 2010

Five Years Ago

Five years ago my husband traveled to Louisiana as part of a first-response medical team, he spent about six weeks down there treating injuries and doing what he could to help people recover from the devastation.

When Mark came home he spoke of people who had a resilient spirit and unwavering faith despite what they had gone through. People in New Orleans, Metaire and Grand Isle where he was stationed were, in his words, inspiring and positive.

The tales he brought home were literally mesmerizing. I shared in the love he felt for the area and the people and through his words I “knew” the people so well that I created a Louisiana born heroine (in Hostage Heart) who, I hope, personified some of the spirit of the area.

Here it is, five years later, Mark and I still feel an attachment to the New Orleans area. We watch news and other media for reports of recovery and get choked up at the homes that are still destroyed and lives that are still being put back together.

Today’s post is simply in honor and memory of the victims and survivors of Hurricane Katrina - a thank you to the people who gave time, service and money towards its recovery, and to continued healing.

Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulet


Malcolm R. Campbell said...

I'm glad Mark not only had some great services to offer, but took the time to go down to Louisiana and volunteer.


Janet Lane Walters said...

Nice story. Tell Mark that was a good thing he did. Janet