Monday, April 16, 2012

Living on the edge

Heroes and heroines in romantic suspense stories seem to always live on "the edge", flirting with danger and taking chances.

Sometimes the "chances" they take are putting off doing things they should be doing earlier, like sharing a truth, saying I'm sorry, or saying I love you.

In His Lucky Charm, Brandon nearly loses Caitlyn when he fails to tell her of the double life he leads... and then she finds out. In A Chaunce of Riches, Ben is too stubborn and hurt to tell Sam that he still loves her... and then it appears he may have lost her forever. And in Bartlett's Rule, Paige feels that she needs time to work things out by herself... and then worries that she has missed her chance for Lon to want to spend his life with her.

People procrastinate for a variety of reasons. Every year we hear of last minute gift shoppers hitting the stores the afternoon of Christmas Eve! And every year we hear hair-raising stories of folks sending out their tax returns in the "eleventh hour" and looking for those elusive post offices that are still open until midnight - Yikes! (btw, electronic submission is so very easy)

Here's a good article for last minute filers:

So, have YOU filed yet or is this your way of living on the edge?

Tell me about it, leave your comments below.

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